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Dai Loli's Delicious Factory of Crispy animated avatars
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32 / M / Quebec
Posted 7/21/10 , edited 8/30/11
Hola peeps,
Figured it was about time I start using them forums we have here.

First off, I'm making this separate from the GIFs thread since I'd like to gear it toward smaller sized animated avatars, and not a melting pot of any and all gifs found on the interweb that threatens to crash everyone's computers while it loads.

With this out of the way, I've always felt like there was a lack of good anime animated avatars out there, so I’m out to fill that niche :D
I'll try to be posting 1 or 2 a week, which is the rate I’ve managed to keep for a couple months now, generally 100*100 in size and under 200k, as they are aimed to be MSN Avatars first and foremost.
Emphasis on: Awesomeness, lulz and lolies.

There may be spoilers for recent animes, so be wary of this.

If you wish for a preview, all the ones I’ve done up until February 27th 2011, can be downloaded as a .zip here ( 1 or 2 of these might not actually be mine, I don’t remember. Also some are pretty hot, be forewarned ;P ):
https://docs.google.com/leaf?id=0B2mp8G0raQxONTkzODBiZjYtMzM2ZS00ZGViLWFjMGMtNDljOGQ1NGM2MDEx&hl=en (you need to be logged into Google to be able to use it.)

Of course, this is a forum, so all of you are free and encouraged to share your own works as well. We can turn this into a beautiful fountain of ever-lasting gifs that will spread and soak the internet with its semi-transparent fluids of pure bliss.
Try to state the sauce of your gifs as well, always good to know. :3

And with this, let's get it started.

Note: Until further notice, I’m not taking requests, I have my hands full with the ones I’m doing already. :C


February 27th
Mitsudomoe 2 Ep.7

February 28th
Puella Magi Madoka Magica ep.8:

March 5th
Bathing with Hinako

March 8th
Mitsudomoe ep.8.

March 13th
Toaru Majutsu no Index II ep.17:

March 17th
Kore Wa Zombie Desu Ka ep.6:

March 23rd
Toaru Majutsu no Index II ep.19:

March 28th
Fractale ep.9:

April 1st:
To Aru Majutsu No Index II, ep.22:

April 5th:
Hen Zemi OVA 2:

April 12th:
Madoka episode 2:

April 16th:
Kore Wa Zombie Desu Ka, ep.08:

April 20th:
Nichijou ep.1:

April 25th:
30-sai no Hoken Taiiku ep.1:

May 1st:
Nichijou ep.02

May 8th:
Nichijou ep.02

May 12th:
30-sai ep.04:

May 18th:
Lotte No Omocha ep. 06

May 23rd:
Koe de Oshigoto OVA 2

May 30th:
Lotte No Omocha ep.07:

June 5th:
Nichijou ep.4:

June 11th:
Nichijou ep.6:

June 18th:
Nichijou ep.7:

July 19th:
Chikku Neesan ep1:

July 28th:
Denpa Onna ep.10:

August 9th:
The World God Only Knows II ep.12:

August 15th:
Nichijou ep.10

August 30th:
Baka Test Ni OP:
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32 / M / Quebec
Posted 7/22/10 , edited 8/3/10
Ho~ Tough crowd.
I shall persevere, first update <3

From Shakugan no Shanatan Tri:
Kazumi: ”I’ll do it tonight, too!” *thumb up*
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32 / M / Quebec
Posted 7/29/10 , edited 8/3/10
Because thumbs up win.

Toaru Kagaku no Railgun SPECIAL:
”No, no. Actually, this is my chance.” :3~
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32 / M / Quebec
Posted 7/30/10 , edited 8/3/10
Toaru Kagaku no Railgun SPECIAL:
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32 / M / Quebec
Posted 8/1/10 , edited 8/5/10
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32 / M / Quebec
Posted 8/3/10 , edited 8/10/10
From the Black★Rock Shooter OVA. With the star in it, it's very important.
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32 / M / Quebec
Posted 8/5/10 , edited 8/11/10
Sengoku Basara TWO Ep.1
A glimpse of Yukimura and Oyakata-sama’s bromance.

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32 / M / Quebec
Posted 8/6/10 , edited 8/17/10
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32 / M / Quebec
Posted 8/10/10 , edited 8/20/10
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32 / M / Quebec
Posted 8/11/10 , edited 8/25/10
Frankly, I'm on fire.

Highschool of the Dead EP.5:

And a little something else as well:

K-On EP.16:
Seriously... Recently, Mugi is just so cute... I don't even...
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32 / M / Quebec
Posted 8/17/10 , edited 8/31/10
Thought I was slacking off? THINK AGAIN.
So finally caught up on Mayoi Neko Overrun, and boy does it ever deliver. Much, much better than the early episodes seem to indicate.

So I went on a gif spree with the ping pong scene, more to come in the future.

Mayoi Neko Overrun Ep.4:
Omg I went all concept on these; if you pick Mayoi_PingPong_1.gif and a friend picks Mayoi_PingPong_2.gif, it'll seem like your avatars are playing ping pong. Epic.

Also both in one in case you have no friends:

And the (wo)manly duel that ensues:

Those slow motion cleavage shots were... (*゜Д゜*)Haa, haa
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32 / M / Quebec
Posted 8/20/10 , edited 8/20/10
Poor Yoshioka doesn't know what comes next.

Mitsudomoe Ep7.
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21 / M / U.A.E - Dubai
Posted 8/20/10 , edited 8/20/10
Loved the avatars keep up the good work!

Also just asking but is blood and gore avatars allowed on CR? like High School Of The Dead for example.
Thanks alot

Edit: A request of mine would be more High School Of The Dead avatars since its such a great anime, people would like it too

Edit 2: Since your busy with requests feel free to add it whenever you feel like it
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32 / M / Quebec
Posted 8/20/10
Amusing how the only HOTD gif I did was also a request :P
I haven't seen much that I could turn into a gif from the show so far, call it personal preferences, but since you're the first to actually reply, I could prolly make a quick one for ya to celebrate this monumental achievement.

Name an episode and precise second where the gif starts and ends with a short description and I'll see what I can do. I'm sure the other guy who made that previous request would enjoy it too!

Also: Not too sure if it's ok to post HOTD gifs or not, but we do have some pretty bloody animes in here don't we? I wasn't too alarmed about it. If I broke a rule, let me know
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32 / M / Quebec
Posted 8/25/10
I'll be away for about 5 days this week-end, so here's what will likely be the last in a while. Took a fair amount of effort to piece together, too D:

Mayoi Neko Overrun Ep.6:
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