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Favorite Horror Movies
Posted 3/2/12 , edited 3/3/12
There really isn't any.
Posted 3/24/12 , edited 3/24/12
Posted 4/9/12 , edited 4/9/12
The Exorcist and Rosemary's Baby. Neither of which are scary but they both have interesting plot lines.
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Posted 4/16/12 , edited 4/16/12
My favorite horror movies are


Tourism Himachal
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33 / F / Hong Kong
Posted 4/16/12 , edited 4/16/12
A Tale of Two Sisters
The Shining
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Posted 5/16/12 , edited 5/16/12
I generally hate found-footage type movies, but Noroi and Occult were really fun.

Also, since it's a zombedy, this can be included. Tokyo Zonbi was one I watched recent and it's definitely one of my favorite zombie films. It's hilarious, if you have a sense of humor and can laugh at slapstick silliness concerning zombies and 2 Jujitsu using protagonists.
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Posted 5/21/12 , edited 5/22/12
Friday The 13th (the original) and Halloween (the original)
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Posted 6/5/12 , edited 6/5/12
I think these are generally horror and not just suspense/thriller, although I love those too. I'm sure I forgot some.

Angel Heart
Christine (umm, an unconsummated kinda erotic relationship between a demon car and a nerd)
Dark Mirror
Dracula (both the Bela Lugosi and Gary Oldman versions)
Fright Night (old & new, although I know they might be more comedy than pure horror)
Lord of Illusions
The Children of the Corn
The Fury
The Haunting (original)
The House That Dripped Blood (and various other things from Elvira's Movie Macabre)
The Howling
The Ninth Gate
The Omen
The Relic
The Seventh Sign
The Shining
The Sixth Sense

Kinda have a hankering for watching old Hammer Horror films now, like Darkness of Dracula and Brides of Dracula.
Posted 6/5/12 , edited 6/5/12
The Hills Have Eyes.
The Eye.
Silent Hill. (Love the video game, too.)
Jeepers Creepers. (Cheesie, actually.)
Drag Me To Hell.
The Grudge
Fire in the Sky
The Ring.
Pet Sematary.
Dawn of The Dead
The People Under The Stairs.
Saw Movies.
Silence of The Lambs.

Yeah. I LOVE horror movies. Watching them at night when everyones gone to bed and I'm alone in the dark... I get the best thrills.

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Posted 6/11/12 , edited 6/11/12
The devils backbone is pretty good [spanish/english subs]

livide is just weird but worth the watch [french/english subs]

la freis houre [the cold hour] [spanish english subs has a wicked twist to it]
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23 / F / Tunisia, Tunis
Posted 6/12/12 , edited 6/12/12
The grudge (1.2.3)
The ring (1.2)
Saw (all of them)

i know a lottttt but i forget their names
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Posted 6/15/12 , edited 6/15/12

spazzy06 wrote:

I like old school horror.

The original Halloween, Nightmare on Elm Street, Friday the 13th and the Texas Chainsaw Massacre.

I agree 100% Gotta throw a lil bit of Hell Raiser in the mix too.
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20 / F / Washington, USA
Posted 6/27/12 , edited 6/28/12
actually a suprisingly good one was the boogie man, i watched it when i was 11 and was scared to turn on my bath for at least a week!
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Posted 6/28/12 , edited 6/28/12
All time my favorite Horror movie is Evil Dead and i also watch the all sub parts of this movie.Creation of movie is fabulous and lines written by writer amazingly.

Posted 7/1/12 , edited 7/1/12

SOme of that shit is fukn gay.. The GRudge? u got scared by a lil boy GROWLING? LMAO

hmmm The Fourth Kind was pretty freaky but I'm not the scared type so probably nadda
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