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Post Reply Fuschia Town
Posted 8/8/10
*glares at him*
*pushes him*
ugh.. i swear im going to kill you!
Posted 8/8/10

* ignoring you*

Yeah i love u too...
Posted 8/8/10
Natsumi: *think: i think i have what i need* *notice two ppl arguing, look at you two, but then look away* *think: I have t ohurry back...*
Posted 8/8/10
well i HATE you
*turns and storm off*
ugh i am sooo not dealing with this.
why am i even talking to him!?
i dont know him, i dont like him..
Posted 8/8/10

* is right beside you*

if you dont give back that money your ganna get hunted by the marines and bounty hunters
Posted 8/8/10
you know what?
i dont give a damn!
god, you know, i NEVER talk to anyone i dont know
so. you say nothing about my money or me talking, and i dont kill you
Posted 8/8/10


* sticks tongue out*

How bout i go to the jail and tell them what you did...and ill ask that we share a prison cell...
Posted 8/8/10
Natsumi: Its so many ppl will take lots of time to get back..... ....I have an idea!! I just jump on the roof and jump from roof to roof *smiles* *get on the roof and running and jumping to the dock*
Posted 8/8/10
*stars walking away*
go a- fukin head.
i dont care.
*grips the money case as she passes his ship*
Posted 8/8/10

* Grabs your hand*


* Pulls you towards my ship*

( i replyed quick on this one owo)
Posted 8/8/10
*pulls away again*
you already have a crew dont you!?
why do you need a swordsman?!
Posted 8/8/10
*Jump down from the last roof and go toward the ship*
Posted 8/8/10

Cus we need a girl..too much men again

* Sighs*
Posted 8/8/10
then go find a whore!
*glares at him and kicks his ship*
fuck you and your crew!
fuck your damn ship!
Posted 8/8/10

That was harsh.....

* smiles*

You could be my whore * laughs*
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