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Posted 8/2/10 , edited 8/5/10
Sunhwa's photo released

Secret will be back on August 12th with their second mini album. The company for make the people excited for Secret's comeback, they have released a photo of Sunhwa. In it, you can notice the radical image transformation. With her smokey makeup and all white outfit, the fans are going crazy!

Their company said, “Secret will release their album on August 12th so they are working hard on last minute preparations. They will be back with new music and a new style.”

Jieun's photo released

Following Sunhwa of Secret’s comeback concept photo release, this time fellow member Jieun’s was released!

The photoshoot’s concept is ‘white’ and Jieun, with her brunette hair dyed orange-yellow, is resting on the lap of a foreign model. Like we’ve seen with Sunhwa, Jieun also shows her radical transformation as she looks very feminine, beautiful and more mature than from Secret’s Magic promotion days.

Stay tuned for more Secret's comeback looks

Zinger's photo released

Secret earlier released radical transformation comeback photos of Sunhwa and Jieun and now Zinger’s photo has been released.

Of course her photo follows the all white theme as well. The girls are definitely going for the sexy look this time around. Zinger’s sex appeal in this photo is a lot for her fans to take in at once.

In the previously released photos, Sunhwa and Jieun are seen resting their bodies on a guy but Zinger took it to another level by having a topless guy behind her.

Netizens commented,
“She went through a 180 degree change from bubbly to charismatic.”
“Looking at the photos makes me more excited for Secret’s new album.”
“I want to see her other photos as well.”

Hyosung's photo released

The last photo has arrived!

Secret’s Hyosung has finally revealed her album jacket photo from the group’s upcoming album.

On the fifth, the last photo became available for fans to gawk at. In her photo, Hyosung looks innocent, yet sexy, with her shy smile.

She posed with a hot topless male, just like Zinger, and followed the theme of wearing all white.

Their company said, “You will find all kinds of new sides of the Secret members this time. Please look forward to their comeback.”

Whose photo is your favorite?
Sunhwa, Jieun, Zinger or Hyosung?

Tracklist revealed for Secret’s comeback album, ‘Madonna'

With the release of a photo for Sunhwa’s comeback, fellow Secret members Jieun and Zinger’s comeback photos were then unveiled the following days.

As we await for the release of the final, and leader member Hyosung’s, comeback photos, Secret’s comeback album tracklist was revealed!

Recently revealed through YesAsia, Secret will be releasing their second mini-album titled Madonna.

Madonna (Title Track)
랄랄라/ Lal Lal La
잘해 더! (Feat. 백찬 of 8eight) / Do Better! (Feat. Baek Chan of 8Eight)
줄듯말듯 / Hesitant
자리비움 / Empty Space

Hit composers Kang Ji Won and Kim Ki Bum composed the title track Madonna, and the song is about living with confidence by becoming an icon in this generation, like the American star Madonna. The song’s genre will be electronic pop dance.

Lal Lal La is a medium tempo song composed by hip hop musician Naco and Kim Soo Bin, and Secret member Zinger participated in writing the song’s lyrics.

Do Better! features the strong vocals of 8Eight’s Baek Chan, who also participated in writing the song’s lyrics.

Hesitant is a song made by singer Mario, Lee Sang Min, Hwang Sung Jin and Secret’s Zinger.

Empty Space will be a ballad track that’s composed by Kang Ji Won, Lim Sang Hyuk and Kim Ki Bum. The song will express the feeling of having a hard time forgetting the lover that left, leaving one with an ‘empty space’. This track will be unique, as it is composed of only piano sounds and vocals.

Stay tuned for their mini-album release on August 12th, and make sure to support Secret by buying their album!
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Posted 8/2/10 , edited 8/3/10
Wow, she looks really pretty and I like their hairstyle =]
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