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22 / F / Miami FL
Posted 8/6/14
My boyfriend use to play a lot back in the old days. Then started his first youtube channel making maple animations a long with other great players :] I played for a while as well but as far as nexon games go, I stuck to Mabinogi.
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17 / M / 堺市
Posted 8/6/14
I liked Maplestory in the oldest stage. Even though the game IS better now, to my opinion Nexon has fu***** the game up. The whole game is different now. All the music and areas have another style. There are all new classes with... stories? Back in the old day you could just be an adventurer which was pretty balanced and didn't do 999 time 999999999 damage per second with one simple skill. Also you can become lv 120 in ONE day! Before all of this level 100 was weeks of grinding for a hardcore player.

Oh and the thousands of hidden streets are hidden now... out of the game.

Also (in the european server) the party quest rooms are empty because nobody does them anymore.
The whole map is also simplified now. And Nexon almost forces you to buy those Miracle cubes.
And the monsters are more balanced now, but it doesn't make any sense. It is just stupid that you can kill a golem on lv 10.
Oh and you can go through the dungeon (maps are removed for 90%) at lv 50. And the also killed sleepywood. T-T

So no MS for me anymore.

Now I'm waiting for Maplestory 2. Which isn't actually anything like MS1. I think it's going to be like spiral knights. You have to complete dungeons with a party and you can build your own. And it has the most important thing for a MMO: PLAYER HOUSING!!!!!!!!!!
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18 / M / Internet
Posted 8/14/14 , edited 8/14/14
Maplestory is now a P2W mess. The only reason I occasionally go back to it is because I can always manage to find a little piece of the old MS gem inside these new pile of poo. The graphic style, BGMs, sound effects are nostalgic beyond belief. I also enjoy playing the new classes because I get to start at a low level. Up until a certain level now, you aren't really burdened by the need to find super strong equips and weapons. By the time you enter the triple digit levels, that's when the P2W really bits you in the butt because there's no possible way to beat some of the better bosses or compete with other paying players if you don't pay yourself. That's why none of my characters make it much further than level 100 anymore. My first successful character was a Night Lord which I made back in 2005. He's my highest level character at something around 160 if I remember correctly. I have like 10 other characters who are barely past level 100 for the reason I've explained above. The cost of end game % equips and weapons is absurd so I just leave him be. Lol I remember when 6% stat equips were the best thing, now there's people with 50+% stat buffs on only a single piece of equipment. It's insane. They increased the meso cap from 2.1 billion to 10 billion but even that is nothing for these P2W players.

Maplestory 2 is still under Nexon, which means they are likely to continue the Maplestory 1 money train and keep the game at a similar level of P2W. I just hope it isn't. I just want to enjoy one of my precious childhood MMOs again. Sigh, most of the new MMOs have also taken this path and it saddens me. Even if MS2 is like its predecessor when it releases, it'll probably develop over time and become just like MS1 is now. Even though most players hate what P2W models are, the small portion that gives developers tons of money will be the portion of the community the devs listen to. Greed is ruining games.

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Posted 8/17/14
I have played off and on since 2004, i like the new classes, but with work and all im much more casual now, still fun every now and again
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