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Aimuto Story
Posted 5/14/11 , edited 5/14/11
Cikg: *runs after Aimz*

Ikuto: *running after Aimz and Cikg, but trips and falls*
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Posted 5/25/11 , edited 5/26/11
(oh I'm such a horrible person I forgot to post, I'm so sorry )
Ikuto:*struggles to get up* I won't let my injuries get the best of me not this time*runs afteer Aimz panting*
Cikg:*yells* are you sure this'll work?
Aimz:Of course*runs*
Posted 5/25/11 , edited 5/26/11
(have they kissed? just making sure i know my boundaries..)
Posted 5/25/11 , edited 5/26/11
(I'm pretty sure me and Ikuto have kissed by this point xD)
(it's ok Yumi)

*Cikg and Aimz run off out of Ikuto's sight*
Ikuto: *stops and pants* A...Aimz...
. . .
Ikuto: *falls to his knees*

*in the school carpark, by one of the Easter vans*
Cikg: Well, you were right. We lost him
Aimz: Told ya *thinks* I feel bad for doing this to him...I don't want to do this, but I have no choice...
Cikg: What's up with you?
Aimz: Huh? *ignores her thoughts* I'm fine

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Posted 5/27/11 , edited 5/27/11
Cikg:Your showing emotion too, ok what's going on?
Aimz:Oh it's nothing I more comfortable around you
Cikg: uhhh ok whatever you say, lets just get outta here
Aimz:Uh right *gets in the car*
Cikg:*gets in and drives off*
Aimz:*looks back and feels empty*
Posted 5/27/11 , edited 5/28/11

(Do you hereby love Aimuto forever and always: yeah...though when i quit going on crunchyroll it's OVER! and serve justice for Aimuto: don't know what you mean, but i rarely want to be the heroine in love stories, i mostly want to be the cupid! and write about Aimuto: no, i think i'll write about my tribe of monkeys! Jk, of course! to make Aimz blush for now and forever?: I've always loved annoying people, but making them blush is fun too.
please accept my oath so i can bring myself in!)
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Posted 6/3/11 , edited 6/4/11
I accept it
Posted 6/3/11 , edited 6/4/11
(yeah, me too)

Aimz: *thinks* What is this feeling? Why am I thinking like this?

*Utau and Yumi finally catch up to Ikuto*
Utau: Ikuto! *flies over to him*
Posted 6/4/11 , edited 6/14/11
Ikuto: *blocks Utau's hug*
Utau: "You're so mean!"
Ikuto: *tries to laugh, but winces*
??: *walking along* *sees Ikuto's wounds* *rushes over*
Ikuto: "What do you want, Baka? Get lost."
??: *ignores* "You're hurt!"
Ikuto: "I can see that!"
??: "Then shut up and let me help you."
Ikuto: "There's no way you're dragging me to a hospital."
??: *laughs* "Who said anything about a hospital?"
(If this is confusing, you can pretend I never said anything.)
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