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Posted 9/3/10 , edited 9/4/10

DeleteButton wrote:

plz make an avii using this picture? and using photoshop ^^

okay sorry but i am kinda busy so it will take me a long time to make the 2 aviis.. But i will try!
here i made it in 6:00 but i had to go skool early so it's bad btw...
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Posted 9/5/10

sorry but u're rejected
maybe u need to improve ur skill in making GFX and feel free to apply job here again ^^
Posted 9/5/10
how about i just be a forum mod?
is that alrite?
Activeness:everyday mostly?
Why did you want to apply for this job?:Cause we could have more people to join this group . and they could do a lot of fun stuff in the forum.
Any idea(s)?: Yes and i will put in the forums
Already upload 10 pictures? (Y/N) Yes
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