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22 / F / Far away....
Posted 8/12/10 , edited 9/1/10
Name: (no last name tsukiyomis, hinamoris, soumas, hoshinas, sanjos, yuus, etc. ) (no first names amu, ikuto, tadase, rima etc.)
Age: (human years) (you have to be under 23 to be chosen, I don't care if your race lives forever...)
Species/Race: (do not put goddess, or god, or spirit in here, you have to have a beating heart, and you cannot be a proper immortal, sure you can have a long life, but you can be killed, also, no, last of the race, unless the race is completely made up)
Personality: (please don't put a perfect personality in... everyone has faults, including your characters... and try to stick to the personality you write...)
Appearance: (if you're going to crossdress, do it properly, and for a reason) (put the reason in your history) (you can use a picture, but you must also do a written appearance) (do you have a birthmark, purple pointy ears)
Shugo Chara(s): (name, personality, gender, appearance, purpose) (don't have more than you can't keep track of)
Charachange: (personality, abilities)
Charanari: (name, appearance, abilities)
History/Biography: (your childhood, family, friends, things that made an impact on your life, the day your character almost drowned, whats happened in your life so far, that dramatic incident, your fear of, your hatred of, your love of, what you're allergic to, your first crush,... etc)
Native To: (select place on map)
Loyal To: (which kingdom are you loyal to, Humpty, Dumpty or Easter)
Siblings: (if you're not an only child, any siblings that died at birth or in the war or something count, even a lost sibling with a half chance of being alive or dead because they were separated or something) (are you the eldest child, the seventh child, what order are you in the family)
Weapon: (what weapon do you have, if it's made up, how do you use it., whats it made of, what colour is it )
Armour/Shield: (if you have a shield with a family crest, the colour of it, the material it's made out of, what can it withstand)
Family History: (if your family had a bit of royal blood, or did something worth remembering, helped build the castle, or was distantly related to the late original guardians)
Pets: (including bonded creatures like dragons, horses, goats, griffons) (I want their age, how long they've been with the character, their name, their appearance, their personality, what they eat...)

One, Have you read the rules? (I will know if you haven't): (your answer)

Two, I will give you an element, and a spirit of a original guardian randomly, so don't ask for a certain one... also, elements can double up as much as they want... and spirits can only be in one place at one time. Also, the spirit is not a physical form, more so a little voice and a half visible body you can put your hand through, your character dies, the spirit goes to someone else.

Three: Take out the () after you've finished your profile, it's there to guide you while you're making it... so basically, take out everything not in bold.

Four: Start roleplaying after your character is finished and approved... XD Thank you.

Include this:

Element: (choosen by me randomly, don't ask for one...)
Guardian Spirit: (not everyone has one, you don't choose yours, I do, don't ask for a certain one)

Don't Include:
Approved Sign: Utau, for no other reason, than that she looks pretty. It was a random thing, it could have been someone not in shugo chara for all I cared. But anyway, it looks okay. The text was created by Puppet Warp on photoshop. XD

Pending Sign: Haruhi Suzumiya, because I found a random picture of her and edited it. Random, I didn't care who I did. Okay, here she is. I know it's not the same layout or style as the 'approved one', but I think it looks okay for a twelve minute edited thing. XD
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22 / F / Far away....
Posted 8/12/10 , edited 8/15/10
Name: Rin Aohira
Age: 17
Gender: Female
Species/Race: Half Human/Siren Priestess
Personality: She is gentle and kind, when faced with those less powerful, but is very unhappy when it comes to physical appearance and herself, as she was told all her childhood that her existance was that of a disgrace, since her mother is a siren. She is very opinionated, and feels that she knows to speak at the right moment, which more often than not, is the wrong moment.
Appearance: Rin wears a silk black kimono with brightly coloured butterflies all over the design. Her skin is very pale, almost white, and she has long, luscious, wavy and bouncy blonde hair that shows red strands in the direct sunlight. Her eyes are a violet colour, though they occaisionally appear to be a deep green, her lips a deep red and her eyelashes are long and dark. With a thin, but strong body, she fits under the term of Siren; a beautiful woman whose voice when in song can lead men to their deaths.
Shugo Chara(s): Sakisa, Nabeka, Ashley
She's a chara full of light, often with the appearance of being lit by sunlight. She enjoys the presense of others, and is very kind and very sweet. She has light blonde hair which shines a steady gold all of the time and green eyes. Best described as a living lamp, she's bright even in spots of darkness. She's the side of Rin that is striving to always be happy and bright. She wears the clothing of a priestess and is very pure in whatever she does. Many times, she has been mistaken as a priestess chara.
She's a chara full of echos, representing a part of her that no one ever acknowledged, the Siren. She is quite solemn, as is Rin when she thinks about her Siren side. Her movements and her voice seem to echo, copy and duplicate. She's best described as an echo of Rin's heart. She has dark skin, deep dark brown hair and bright blue eyes that seem to swirl and draw in the soul with illusions and tricks. Some even call Nabeka a gypsy, because of her gypsy-like appearance, and nature. She doesn't mind theivery, talent or song, but always keeps one side of her hidden at all times.
She's a chara full of beauty and elegance, the very things that Rin refuses to accept that she has. Because of this, the side of Rin that is dormant, maybe now and forever is awakened in Ashley. Ashley insists upon being called Ash, though. She wears an elegent red dress, and is the picture of beauty, elegnance and sophisication. She has red hair, and hazel, gold green blue eyes. She's very loudly spoken, and always says what she thinks, only showing kindness when she pities the one she shows kindness too, so it's a double insult when she says something sweet. Ashley is very protective of Rin, and cannot stand any insults made on Rin.
Her personality becomes bright and fun-going. In this form she can use her priestess magic the easiest and she can purify demons, heal cuts and heal poison from wounds.
Her personality becomes clouded and mysterious. In this form, the inner desire in her draws out her hearts inner desire to sing, which in turn, gathers the attention of any with good hearing.
Her personality becomes wrathful and beauty obsessed. In this form, she speaks her mind, and isn't afraid of her beauty or ancestory. She also can become quite deeply motivated.
Sakisa Solar Rush
Her hair is freely kept out, and a golden dress appears on Rin's body, that shines. Her body looks like it is in direct sunlight, and everything about her is illuminated. Her skin appears a golden colour, and her hair shines red. People in shadows have an advantage over her, as shadows seem to burn her in this form.
• Rainbow Spectrum:
A crystal appears in Rin's hands,... when the light touches it, a beautiful rainbow prisim appears. This rainbow has the ability to repair, fix, heal and purify.... but when it touches someone terribly corrupt, the rainbows seem to feel like they are burning the skin of the impure, even though there is no burn. Those who keep in shadows cannot be touched.
• Cloud Ride:
A white pegasi made out of pure energy appears, which Rin can ride. This mystical horse brings along with it healing, and it is Rin's antidote for Night Mare's gray smog. It has a pure sparkling trail behind it, healing hearts and restoring other people's dreams.
• Sunlit Embers:
A burning flame that sorches. The only attack in this form that could seriously injure or damage. The flame doesn't go out with water either, and is very difficult for anyone, even the one controlling it, to contain. Rin's hands end up scorched for a while after using this move, and her hands are burnt.
•Sweet Melody:
Those that hear Rin's voice in this song are purified, and are helped along. In this form, a bright light also gathers around Rin's body until it is the only thing visible. This song restores hearts eggs, and calms x-characters.
Nabeka Echo Singer
Rin gains reflective mirror earrings and necklace. She wears a quinceanera dress which is white and dull pink with a darker patch of dull rose pink on the front. A couple of fabric flowers adorn the dress, just above the dark dull pink streak in the dress. It is strapless and sleeveless, and has a white, beaded neckline. Her eyes appear more violet than any other colour. Reflective glass beads are frequent in the 'top' of the dress. Though, her skin also becomes slightly reflective, and it is slightly transluscent. Her hair is a light shade of blonde that is almost 'see-through'. Her hair in this form is elegantly gathered around her face, a couple of strands of her hair 'hugging' her shoulders, before cascading down to her waist.
•Mirror Move:
Copies the transformation of the other person, as well as the moves. So she would charanari into Echo (another word here, to do with the other persons transformation.) She doesn't copy them action for action, or voice for voice, but instead 'borrows/mirrors' the other persons transformation and powers. The other persons transformation is unaffected.
•Lake Reflection:
A move that sends the others move, right back at them, with added power of the one using the move. It is a strong attack that can bring down an even stronger opponent. It is not destructive though, but when used excessively, it tends to wear everyone out. Though, when in combat against Rin, the other person is also able to use this move.
•Ocean Sync:
A move which creates a torrent of water which moves as Rin wishes, it can heal, and purify, as well as freeze, and also wear away. The water, contrary to what the name suggests is fresh water, with no salt in it. It is useless against flesh, and wearing away happens over a vast period of hours.
•Water's Siren:
Rin starts to sing, unlocking her inner potential, and creating a pull like the current itself. Anything with a heart, or coming from the heart is drawn to step closer to her, and sometimes, when it works properly, her opponent is brainwashed and only able to concentrate on the notes that Rin sings. Though, if the person reminds themself of what they are supposed to be doing, the song breaks.
Ashley Scarlet Embrace
Rin's hair shines in it's full beauty, and her eyes; outlined in black mascara, look a very light shade of purple. She wears a flowy, ruffled, cascading red dress that is backless, and a very sexy red colour. Rin wears brown/red eyeshadow on her eyes, bright rose/blood red lipstick, and her hair is up in an elegant bun, around the size of a bread bun, on top of the back of her head. A couple of strands hang loose, and her pale skin appears slightly paler. In this form, Rin appears both sexy and mature. Because of the way the fabric is cut, there are many dark shadows on the material.
•Dark Butterflies:
An attack which creates a swarm of black butterflies, being surrounded, or coming into contact directly, will force the opponent into a illusion of their greatest nightmare, or fear. It can bring out the x-eggs of normal people. This move can be thwarted by slashing down the one white butterfly in the swarm of black.
•Night Mare:
A horse made out of x-energy that Rin can ride. It breathes gray smog, which can potentually poison any chara which is not Rin's... or inhaled into a bearers lungs, it can have the bearer unable to be at their fittest for a month. The poison only has one antidote: life, or the chara will eventually go weak to the point of being unable to charachange or charanari. Worst case scenario has them unable to speak. Life can be given from a young childs heart when they are happy.
•Weak Point:
Creates and draws out a twisted version of the hearts egg, called a skull egg. A skull and cross-bones sign appears on the eggs, the owner of the skulls egg slips into a coma if they haven't got a chara. The owner (left untreated with the skull egg) becomes sick to the point where recovery is thought slim. though it is just a transitory state between being healed. Those that wish to conquer the skulls egg, must draw out their own x-egg to form a connection, and then open their mind to a mental room between the skulls egg and themself. Only if their wish to heal the other is honest does this work with their own x-egg purifying. The skull egg has a 'character' form called the Skull character. The skull character is a pure ink black colour, with a white skull and crossbones on the forehead. The eyes are an eerie red colour, and the opened mouth only has blackness inside. The Skull Character can infect hearts eggs with the skull gene, as well.
When Rin uses this move, it is her own weak point as well, and she finds herself helpless against any further attacks until she has a long rest.
•Blood Prison:
When the opponent or the user of this move has a small cut or injury, red ribbons of their own blood cut into the opponent. Rin's blood also cuts into the skin of her arms, though unless you look closely, the thin ribbons are hard to see.
•Electric Rose:
A lighning bolt cuts down from the sky, striking the opponent. A red rose 'tattoo' appears on the spot where the contact with the lightning was, and is visible for a week to everyone, before it fades away. It's more a mark that you have fought a siren, but people are supersitous about it.
History/Biography: Being abandoned at the door to the Humpty Castle, a priest that was travelling around found her. He took Rin to the church back in Rima Town, and looked after her. The priest was deaf, which meant he was given the responsiblity of raising Rin, because he would not fall under a Siren's spell as a man, or as a priest. The priest taught Rin all he knew, and died when she was 13. Rin didn't regret the priest's passing, because she believed that he'd be looked after in heaven. The priest knew that Rin was the child of the headman of the town, but didn't mention it to anyone. After the priest died, Rin revisted Seraphic Woods, and on her journey, managed to befriend an Azure coloured dragon the size of a small house, called Furu after the dragon had become trapped by the earth and trees of Seraphic Woods. Rin then seeked to learn more about mystical creatures, and joined a small village (not big enough to be put on the map) of demon slayers, and mystical (dragon, unicorn, griffon) riders that worked together.
Native To: Seraphic Woods
Loyal To: The Humpty Kingdom
Siblings: She has a half older brother on her fathers side, the person her father was married too, before he fell under the spell of her mother (a full siren). When her mother bore Rin, she put Rin in the village, but her older half brother Yamao scorned her, and often lead the group of bullies. She was the second born, but she has no knowledge that Yamao is her brother, even though he knows that Rin is his half sister.
Weapon: Rin has a large, human sized boomerang-like weapon she named Hirokotsu which she has taught herself to use in the demon slayer village. It can cut through demonic energy, making demonic attacks useless against her. She also has a thin katana strapped to her waist, and a hidden knife on a seemingly harmless armband. She also carries along a rosary and cross. Hirokotsu is made out of many different demon and dragon bones, making it strong, resiliant, and a insurance against breaking or melting. She can also use her priestess magic, which purifies and protects.
Armour/Shield: Rin mostly uses her Hirokotsu to shield herself, as it is so large and powerful. She will also sometimes wear the battle armour of the demon slayer village. Many times Rin has been mistaken for a demon slayer, though on the road, she offers purification and poision healing with her priestess magic.
Family History: Her father's ancestor helped establish the piece, or so the village claimed. The sirens often lead men to their deaths.
Pets: An Azure Dragon called Furu, who has been with Rin for four years now. They're bonded through the magic casting of the mythical rider and demon slayer village. Furu is about the size of a small house, and has a fun loving and teasing personality. Furu can breathe a shallow flame from his mouth, and often uses this flame to start his and Rin's campfires. Furu has a good knowledge of the human language, which is then comunicated by a voice that seems to come from every direction. Furu knows lots of Dragon Magic as well, but the only one he can remember within a minute is 'turning into a round boulder'. He eats deer, foxes, rabbits, and anything else that he can catch. For reasons no one can fathom, Furu seems to have a great fear of horses.
Have you read the rules?: Yes
Element: Sand (a particle from Earth)
Guardian Spirit: None
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24 / F / My own little dre...
Posted 8/12/10 , edited 8/15/10
Name: Menix Bahalai (Mostly called Nix)
Age: 19
Gender: Male
Species/Race: Sehall, a most forgotten race. They have skin colour variations from milk white to stormy grey. Long pointy ears that curl a bit at the end are a remarkable thing, if Sehall don't have these, they won't be accepted at any Sehall group and are destined to live a lonely life. At birth, the Sehall each get an unique mark somewhere on the body, showing what sort of powers they have, what family they're from and where they're born. Sehall live in hidden places and alone, or in very small groups. Most Sehall love jewerly, and have at least one expensive item with them, made by a Sehall craftsman. There aren't many Sehall left, because they're so distant from the entire world.
Personality: He's mostly described as quite the charming person, helping people whenever he can and taking care of lots of tasks the elders can't do anymore. Menix cares alot about people who have become his friends, and won't ever try to let them down. As one of a few Sehall, he can not lie, even if he tries. He speaks his mind and isn't scared of those who want to battle him. He's very bad at keeping his own secret, however, he can keep secrets of others to his grave. At first he might act as if he doesn't care and doesn't want anything to do with new people he meets, but actually thinks it's just fun to see someone's reaction, knowing a bit better how their character will be.
Appearance: Menix has a rather slim body. He's taller as average human height, as more Sehall are. His skin is best described as like that of rain clouds, some parts dark grey with suddenly a few spots lighter grey and even some almost white twirls in it. Around his eyes it's rather dark, in Sehall's believes that is the mark of a true leader. His eyes are deep purple and he has rather messy light grey hair up to his shoulders. Menix has long pointy ears, curling up at the end, but they're longer as usual, reaching about 10cm further as the back of the head. The tips of the ears are as dark as around his eyes. There's a small earring in his left ear made of Farston, a light blue material that feels as rough as a stone, but when treated right it looks like water of the sea with the sunlight of the sun going down, being able to see small orange twirls in the blue. He wears simple clothing, which are easy to move in. His mark is on the left side of his neck, just above his shoulder. It's dark purple, showing that he's from the Bahalai family, in the form of a crescent moon, showing he's from somewhere in Lunatic woods, and with a cats eye seeming to be almost carved in it, showing he can make inanimate objects alive.
Shugo Chara(s):
Kaii always cares for everyone around him, wanting to help whenever he can and always showing his feelings. Kaii can be really playful at times, but never lets his guard down. He's very protective of close friends of Menix, and tries to avoid any accidents.
He looks just like a human, instead of like a Sehall, showing Menix' more human side(Sehall usually aren't this kind). He wears simple clothing, being able to play hide-and-seek with little children without any troubles, and to make sudden movements in order to protect someone. His hair is short, messy oak brown and he has, just like Menix, deep purple eyes.
Caring for nice jewelry, always being suspicious: He's a typical Sehall-type. He doesn't trust people fast, and always gets mad at Menix when Menix does, because they might be secret enemies. He's extremely protective of his own items, and the items of his bearer, and tends to say insulting stuff to people they meet, just out of protection. He actually cares alot about Menix, although it's sometimes hard to believe with everything he does. He named himself the guardian of The earring, that Menix has in his left ear, since it's extremely valuable. Lino looks lots like a Sehall, with a light grey skin and long pointy ears that curl up at the end, although he doesn't have a mark, because he's a chara and not a real Sehall. He has grey straight hair up to his shoulder, which make him look young instead of old and he also has deep purple eyes. Just like Menix and Kaii, he wears simple clothes, to be able to get away fast when needed.
With Kaii: When in charachange with Kaii, Menix his hair appears to be alot browner. He acts really nice, and extremely protective. What he can't take in the charachange is bad comments about him or his friends. If that happens, he starts crying, or gets really mad.
With Lino: When in charachange with Lino, Menix his hair appears to be less messier. He starts acting mean to people, because he's being protective of himself and suddenly doesn't trust people as well as before anymore.
With Kaii: Hasn't charanaried yet(...Or simply: can't think of anything right now)
With Lino: Foreseen Destiny
Menix his hair gets tied up with a long purple 'ribbon', making him able to fight without the annoyance of the hair. He wears a black tank top with a purple crescent moon sign on it. He has silver armlets, with purple feathers attached to it, and black armwarmers. He wears black long pants and a double belt with a pouch attached to it to hide valuable stuff. And he wears black boots, also with purple feathers attached to them.
Tainted Flight
The wings on the armlets and boots become a couple of times larger, making him able to levitate above the ground, or fly in the air. The wings can also make a whirlwind, making the X-eggs unable to move while in it.
Crescent Sword
Menix' sword is surrounded by a cold glow, and when targeted against X-eggs, it freezes the X-eggs up and they shatter. When targeted against other people, it simply makes the sword extra sharp and will block other attacks better.
Darkened Moon
Faintly glowing balls of black light appear around Menix, protecting him from most incoming attacks. In fully dark places, they even give some light.
History/Biography: Menix lived deep in the Lunatic woods, where no one ever comes, together with his two little sisters, parents and three elders of another family. Being the oldest and strongest of the family, he had to to every hard job, and when his parents were busy with gathering materials, he had to take care of his little sisters. Whenever there were other people near, they were taught to hide and stay silent, or else their place would be discovered and robbed, their parents always told them. But when Menix got his shugo charas, he decided to leave and go into the wide world, to help with what he was chosen for. His parents and the elder wanted to change his mind, but when they saw it didn't work, they turned their backs against him and pretended like they didn't know him. So all that Menix now could do was leave and try to do what he's supposed to do. At first, he was scared because he didn't know what to expect. Also, he had never seen all those other creatures, and almost everything was new for him. But slowly he got used to everything, and was happy he had left the small place they had always been, and traded that life for his new, brighter one. He met alot of nice people who he helped with different things and sometimes got a small reward, like some money or food. One time he helped a rich swordsman with getting back a stolen book which was very important to that man, and got one of the swordsmans best swords.
Native To: Lunatic woods
Loyal To: Dumpty
Siblings: He has two little sisters, so he's the oldest of the three. His youngest little sister is called Hany, an almost perfect looking Sehall, but extremely shy. She has a sickness which slowly kills her, making her unable to do many things as time goes by, until finally she dies. The older little sister is called Dekina, she's a bit chubby, but doesn't care about it at all. She's got a really fierce personality and always argued with Menix about the most stupid things, although she loved her brother very much. When Menix decided to leave, Hany cried alot, not wanting to die without her big brother by her side. Dekina became mad, because that would mean she would have to do lots of chores Menix always did, and he knew she couldn't. But when the rest turned their backs against Menix, they had to watch Menix leave without being able to do anything against it.
Weapon: An unusualy sharp two-handed sword, with a black onyx in it and leather is wrapped around the part where you hold it, held together by small and thin string with purple feathers at the end. He usually carries it with him on his back.
He also has the power to make inanimate objects alive.
Armour/Shield: None.
Family History: TheBahalai family has lived hidden in the Lunatic woods, having no contact with the outside world. They're a normal Sehall family,, as long as you can call Sehall normal..
Pets: None
Have you read the rules: Yes
Element: Wind (a particle of air)
Guardian Spirit: Kukai
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22 / F / Far away....
Posted 8/14/10 , edited 8/15/10
Name: Lekara Rikol
Age: 15
Gender: Female
Species/Race: Rarirosi Tuxuc (Rarirosi is the Tuxuc term for Royalty)
Tuxuc, a race that used to speak with passers-by of Seiyo Pass, Nadeshiko Lake and The River Of Life. They all have eyes that look to be clear, pure white without any black, but are really a tranluscent light purple. Their skin has a metallic like shine to it, and they love wearing their traditional jewellery. Each Tuxuc has an animal they represent, and a quarter of them have a feauture of that animal, like wings, ears, claws, eyes, tails, scales, and other such. These features can be withdrawn into their bodies, leaving behind a tattoo somewhere. They were once called the Old Ones, due to their ability to live for a long time. This race has also sometimes been mistaken as shifters, though the Tuxuc hate shifters, due to an incident where a shifter impersonated one of their own, after brutually murdering the one impersonated. Unlike most races, they have the females with high status and position, over men, because lately, very few females have been born to the tribe after the masscare of many of their own. The Tuxuc love dancing.
Personality: She acts very spoilt, and as though she likes ordering people around, though this is a facade, because she is a Rarirosi (princess, royalty) of the tribe, and thinks she should act like royalty. She hates to see poverty, and she feels like she should be taking care of anyone. Though, she has seen lots of deaths, making her cold and suspicious towards others not of her own race.
Appearance: She dresses as a boy half of the time, finding it easier to get around as a boy than a girl, and so the chances of being interrupted on her mission to find help for her people, will not be foiled. Though, when she feels like she has a safe ally, she reveals herself to be female. She keeps her long, dark brown hair up in a bun, and wears a hat of a street rat. She wears a tunic and a pair of tights, and wears her necklace under the tunic. She has a light blue metallic shine to her darkish skin. She has a tattoo of two white wings on her right shoulder blade, and they resemble the wings of a swan. She can also unlock the power of her animal, and gain two white swan wings. The wings are waterproof, enabling her to swim underwater as well as fly.
Shugo Chara(s): Ritena
She's a chara that hates change, but now she is focused on thwarting Easter. She has clear eyes, like the Tuxuc, and has bronze coloured hair. She has light skin, with a silver metallic shine. She hates busybodies, and tends to keep to herself, but is full of grand ideas. She was born of Lekara's desire to make things right in the Humpty and Dumpty kingdoms, and part of Lekara's swan side.
Lekara's personality changes to that of a high breed princess, and Lekara's hair seems to plait itself in a most beautiful way. She is able to do anything that would bring her closer to her goal to conquering Easter. She also talks in an educated way, and looks very much like the princess she is.
Charanari: Frozen Swan
A silvery veil hides the top half of her face, and beautiful white wings (of her swan form) appear on her back. She wears a backless white frilly dress that falls to just below her knees, and has lots of the Tuxuc jewellry adorning her neck, ankles, wrists and ears. She is barefoot, and her dark brown hair seems to be frosted over completely with ice. She carries a white sword, that appears to be covered with frost, the sword doesn't create cuts, but it freezes the parts of the body that it touches, when weilded by anyone else, it melts away into water instantly. She can also use her fans in battle.
Dance of Five Swans
A move that duplicates Lekara's form four times, making a total of four others who copy Lekara's every moment. They are all situated in a circle, and when they connect hands, and start spinning around, a bright light comes from the centre, which then is like a blast of purification light. The duplications cannot be hurt, but Lekara can be forced to stop.
Anger of Five Swans
A move that duplicates Lekara's form four times, making a total of four others who copy Lekara's every moment. They are all situated in a circle, and when they connect hands, and start spinning around, a bright dark light comes from the centre, which is then like a blast of impurity, and doubt, creating x-beings. The duplications cannot be hurt, but Lekara can be forced to stop.
Flight of Swans
Lekara starts spinning around in a circle, and paper swans start appearing to fly from her body, becoming an attack of Swans. It is more a diversionary technique than anything else, but it is very pretty to look at. The most damage the paper swans can do are small paper cuts that seem to frost over.
History/Biography: She is royalty (a princess, Rarirosi) of the Tuxuc race, and so she has always been treated with the highest care. Recently, though she took up the mission of finding allies, to help fight against Easter. Many protests arose from her decision, but she said that if she couldn't do this, then she wasn't worthy of the crown. They sent along a good fighter of their's to accompany the princess. Her animal is the swan, so she has white wings, and swiming and flying are both natural to her. She walks very gracefully, and she could easily be mistaken as a talented dancer even if she was fooling around.
Native To: Seiyo Mountain Pass.
Loyal To: Dumpty Kingdom
Siblings: She's an only child, as her parents became sick with a virus that they could find no cure for. She was raised by the people, and everyone acknowledged her as a princess. They chose another king and queen, but she remained the one royal left.
Weapon: She carries a four fans which are made of steel. They don't look like a weapons and they are very heavy for fans, but when the scarlet fan is open, the slightest touch of the edge cuts, when the white glittery fan is open, it creates frost and ice when touched to flesh, when the light yellow fan is open, it can create strong winds, and electrifies when the edge is touched to flesh, the final fan is a light blue, and it creates rain, and when touched to flesh or any other material, healing and repairing. These are the weapons of her people. She has named the fans; Blood, Snow, Storm and Rain.
Armour/Shield: She has none.
Family History: Her family had a long line of royalty.
Pets: A dappled white stallion with gentle black eyes called Steam. Steam was the horse Lekara found as a foal when she was nine, and since then, Steam would always let Lekara ride him. Lekara rides bareback, and she loves snuggling with Steam. Lekara sometimes argues with Steam to get him to let another rider on, as Steam prefers having Lekara as his only rider.
Have you read the rules?: Yes
Element: Light (from Day)
Guardian Spirit: Mustashi

Name: Narakei Pesulyne
Age: 20
Gender: Male
Species/Race: Tuxuc
Tuxuc, a race that used to speak with passers-by of Seiyo Pass, Nadeshiko Lake and The River Of Life. They all have eyes that look to be clear, pure white, but are really a tranluscent light purple. Their skin has a metallic like shine to it, and they love wearing their traditional jewellery. Each Tuxuc has an animal they represent, and a quarter of them have a feauture of that animal, like wings, ears, claws, eyes, tails, scales, and other such. These features can be withdrawn into their bodies, leaving behind a tattoo somewhere. They were once called the Old Ones, due to their ability to live for a long time. This race has also sometimes been mistaken as shifters, though the Tuxuc hate shifters, due to an incident where a shifter impersonated one of their own, after brutually murdering the one impersonated. Unlike most races, they have the females with high status and position, over men, because lately, very few females have been born to the tribe after the masscare of many of their own. The Tuxuc love dancing.
Personality: He's a cool guy, carefree and stubborn. He likes music, and plays the flute, he is very protective, sometimes going to the point of being overbearing. Once he makes a friend, he makes one, and doesn't look back. He trusts in his friends, and believes that none of his friends would ever betray him. He is also very stubborn, once he makes a decision, it's difficult to get him to change his mind. He's very stealthy, and knows how to quickly disguise himself.
Appearance: Clear eyes, tan skin with a bronze metallic shine, golden blonde hair. He wears the Tuxuc earrings and has three scar lines on his chest, caused from the fight of the Tuxuc against Easter warriors. His eyelids are purple, and he has a black panther tattoo on his lower right abdomen. His animal is the panther. He is another that can unlock the power of their animal. Unlike the others, he can become a full panther, or unlock parts of it, like claws, tail, ears, and eyes. He carries around a black sword with him.
Shugo Chara(s): Sable, Hekenu
Sable is a panther-like chara, born of the natural hunting instincts that Narakei has always had. She's a girl, due to the fact that Narakei has always wished for a sister, or even to be a girl, because females of his race were regarded higher than males. She's brutal, and almost masculine, but she loves messing with Narakei and Hekenu with her female ways. She can hide quickly, but when she feels safe, she'll take forever getting ready, because she likes being beautiful and clean. She's like a kitten in a way though, because she loves to play. She has black ears, and tail, short black hair in many plaits, and the dark clothing of a samurai warrior. She has dark purple catlike eyes, and there is a black sword on her waist.
Hekenu is a male chara obsessed with food and war, from when the Tuxuc were hiding from Easter, and trying not to be found. They had a hunger strike, and their crops were trampled. Hekenu was born then, wanting to eat, and wanting to take his revenge on Easter. He is friendly to anyone who ofters him food, and will do the craziest things for a bite of a yummy morsel. He was once found in the Easter camp, fighting other charas with his sword, and trying his best to eat the biscuits that Easter had. When it comes to eating, or taking revenge on Easter with Narakei, though, he gives up food, and tries his best to hunt Easter down and defeat them. He has short greyish silver hair, and clear eyes of the Tuxuc, his pale skin is a silver metallic, and his eyelids are pink. He has a silver sword on his waist.
Narakei's personality changes to that of a lethal hunter, and a protective panther. His sword skills increase, and he is able to fight many warriors at once.
Narakei becomes greedy, stuffing his face with all the food he can find. When interrupted though, he pulls out his sword and becomes very mad.
Sable Stealthful Night Hunter: Panther
Narakei becomes dressed in black, and black ears, tail, and claws appear on his body. His eyes turn a shade of emerald green. His black sword appears in his hands. The sword is very sharp.
Dark Smoke
A smokey dark haze comes in, and then it is as dark as night. The dark disappears when Nakakei is weak.
Dance of the Panther
Nakakei's shadow splits up into seven panthers. They then start attacking the opponent, giving Nakakei a chance to plan his next move. They each disolve when cut through twice.
Roar of the Panther
A sharp, ear splitting sound errupts from Narakei's form for a varitity of minutes, that has the potiental to turn people deaf. It can also paralyze if exposed to the sound for a while, and anyone not wearing earplugs, or not covering their ears is in trouble.
Hekenu Hungry Warrior
Narakei's clothing has a white cloth attached to the front. His sword also gains eating instruments on it. Narakei wears bright colourful clothing.
Stomach Ache
Narakei holds/gets his opponent to become still, or throws a varity of knifes, chopsticks, forks and spoons to hold their opponent down. Suddenly lots of food appears, and cutlery starts to force feed the opponent. The opponent starts to feel full after a while, but the cutlery doesn't stop trying to feed the opponent. The only way to get away is to struggle until you break free, or you get a stomach ache. Once you get a stomach ache, the cutlery disappears, and the stomach ache disappears after five seconds.
Food Fight
Food flies at the opponent, and it continues this way until you find the blueberry tart (hidden amongst all the food flying at you, and slash through it.
Weird Cutlery
Golden cutlery appears and starts to chase and scratch the opponent, until they grab, detroy, slice through the silver spoon.
History/Biography: Narakei was closer to his youngest brother than anyone else, but after the masscare, and the princess chosing to leave to find allies, Narakei was chosen to go with her. His childhood crush was killed in the masscare, and Narakei mourned her. But now he is moving forward. He loves water, even though the other panther in the village wouldn't dare go near it. He loves his little brother Shiko, and finds Lekara slightly annoying, as she calls him Keikei all the time. Narakei though, treats Lekara like he would a sister.
Native To: Nadeshiko Lake
Loyal To: Dumpty Kingdom
Siblings: He is one of five brothers, and he is the middle child. He's always wanted a sister, and he tends to dislike his brothers (who all take wrestling pretty seriously), except for his youngest brother Shiko, who loves to dance, and was the one who gave him his flute. Shiko wasn't murdered in the masscare, but his older brothers were, and only Narakei, Shiko and the second youngest, Hahiji survived.
Weapon: Flute, it's not a weapon, but he sometimes uses it to reprimand people, as well as play music. Three steel fans, they don't look like weapons, and they are very heavy compared to normal weapons. He has one orange fan, which creates fire, and when in contact with anything, or flesh, it creates burns, the second one is decorated with a flower pattern, and many stemless flowers appear in a sweet scented rush of wind, and when in contact with flesh, it binds limbs together, eg, hands, legs. The final fan he has is purple, and when he waves it, there is the scent of rotting flesh, and when in contact with something, it is like acid has touched it. He also uses his black sword, which used to be his grandfathers.
He calls his fans Flame, Bloom, and Poison. The black sword, he leaves unnamed.
Armour/Shield: None.
Family History: His family was from a line of wrestlers, so everyone in the family inherited good wrestling abilities. But Narakei hates wrestling, even though he is the best out of his brothes.
Pets: Large Panther, called Smoke. The panther is the same size as a horse, and Narakei immediately bonded with the panther, as it is his animal. As a result, Narakei rides the panther instead of the horse. The panther recognises every word Narakei says.
Have you read the rules?: Yes
Element: Dark (from Night)
Guardian Spirit: Kairi
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22 / F / An Alternate Univ...
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Name: Fia Cosmo
Age: 16
Gender: Female
Species/Race: Human
Personality: Quiet, shy, ignores most people. She's usually day-dreaming. Fia is quite blunt to people, and is really secretive. She doesn't really like to listen to people. She usually seems unhappy.
Appearance: Fia is a young girl of average height. She's pretty slim. She has long, light purple/gray hair, and dark purple eyes. She usually wears her hair loose, and ties the upper parts of her hair into pigtails. She always has a blank expression on her face, and it's rare to see her smile. She wears a long, dark brown overcoat.

Shugo Chara(s):
Name: Kacey
Personality: Talkative, friendly, and really loving. She likes to make friends with everybody, and always seems happy. She's really protective.
Gender: Female
Appearance: Has long bright red hair, and brown eyes. She wears a white shirt, and skirt, and also long white socks, and yellow shoes. She wears a long, yellow coat, a white scarf, and also carries a katana.
Purpose: Kacey was born from Fia's desire to be happier, and make friends with others. She was also born from the desire to protect those that Fia cares about.
Charachange: When they chara-change, Fia gets really friendly, and happy. She also gets really talkative. She also becomes extremely protective of her friends. While chara-changed, she can fight better, using a sword.
Name: Shining Smile
Appearance: Fia wears a shining, golden coloured overcoat, over a silvery-white shirt, and skirt. She also wears silver leggings, and golden shoes. She also wears a golden scarf, with little stars decorating it. On the back of her coat there's a shining star design. The sword that she has turn gold.
Abilities: In this form, she can use a sword extremely well.
Burning Flash:
Her sword glows extremely brightly, and flashes a light that blinds the opponent for a short while.
Bright Starshine:
A bright ball of light begins to form at the tip of her sword, and she blasts it at her opponent.
Glowing Embrace:
A bright light surrounds her, and forms many swords, that attack the enemy all at once.

History/Biography: Fia lost her parents at a very young age, and was raised by her uncle and aunt. Then, one day, they were found by Easter, and killed. Fia became really lonely, and lived by herself. She really wanted to make a friend, and also hated herself for not being able to protect her family. That was when Kacey was born. Fia decided, with Kacey's help, that it was time to fight back. She left her home, and began training to fight Easter. Her father taught her a little about how to use a sword, but for the most part, she learnt most of how to use one from Kacey.
Native To: Seiyo Mountain Pass
Loyal To: Dumpty
Siblings: None
Weapon: A long, sharp katana. It turns gold when she transforms.
Armour/Shield: None
Family History: Her family were just normal villagers, there wasn't anything special about them.
Pets: None
Have you read the rules?: Yes
Element: Rain (a particle of Storm)
Guardian Spirit: Yaya

(I hope this is alright.) OF COURSE IT IS!!!! It's a really good character!
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Name: Zero
Age: 18
Gender: Male
Species/Race: Human
Personality: Nice. Talks a lot to anyone, doesn't judge, day dreams, try's to make everyone happy around him. always has a smile, funny, happy. loves listening to music. helps anyone who needs it, easy to get along with, rarely talks about his dark past. Hates bugs loves the rain tries to help, clumsy, tends to be cranky when woken up.
Appearance: Has long blonde hair, dark blue eyes, white, Tall, built, has scars on his back,wears a black long sleeved jacket and black pants with a chain hanging down his left side, rarely frowns. has 2 small loop earrings on right ear. Wears both swords at waist, has blue shoes has his mothers name Branded on his top left arm.

Shugo Chara(s): Ichi a serious and cool guy that people can rely on. Amazingly strong to protect others. Fast thinker quick on his feet.
Appearance:Long gray hair with dark gray eyes black long sleeved button up shirt, with a white vest with a white tie with black and white stripe pants with white suspenders hanging down his sides, with white shoes.
Purpose: Ichi wants to show that he can be serous when needed to be, and that he can be relied on
Charachange: Zero gets really quiet, serious look, doesn't joke around, very cautions and very protective of his friends, becomes very skilled with his swords then normal.

Charanari: Kouichi
Appearance: Wears white long sleeved button up shirt with a black tie and a white pants with a black belt, and black shoes.
Abilities: Becomes more faster and stronger and able to focus better.
Poisoned blade: If cut just a little will become paralyzed for aroud one minute but this move can only be used every twenty minutes.
Double time: Gives the illusion of more of Kouishi's.
Counter Slash: Blocks enemys attack with sword and sends it back in a wave also doubles damage that it sent.
Barrier: When shoved white blade and black blade into the ground next to each other it creates a larger blue barrier but only last 10 minutes.
Kiki's power: Combine White blade and Black blade to make Kiki a strong, lighter, faster, and sharper sword.
Elemental Sword: Combines fire and wind into my swords makes them more deadly.

History/Biography: His father left him before he was born, his mom was killed by savage thieves when Zero was seven; and they made him watch while they killed his mom. Then the thieves threw Zero into a river leaving him to die. Luckily a little girl found him floating in the river as was passing by she was five years old, her name was Yuki. She had saved his life, after that Zero has always watched over Yuki. He treats her like his little sister. Sadly, Yuki had to stay behind in the Dumpty Castle for her own safety Zero didnt want her following him because it was dangerous. He wants to be come strong so he doesn't have to see anyone get hurt. Later on while traveling he meet a strange old man that was ill and helped him back on his feet in return the man gave Zero his two swords (White blade and Black blade) and showed him how to use them properly but as soon as Zero found out he could merge them and make a sword called Kiki, the strange old man disappeared and never seen again. Zero plans to return for Yuki after he has confronted his father, so he can then resume traveling with her. He promised to come back for her one day. Zero's sole objective in his travels is to find his father and found out if he had hired thieves to kill his mom and him. . . .

Native To: Lunatic Wood
Loyal To: Easter
Siblings: none

Weapon: Black Blade~White Blade can be merged to make a strong faster lighter sword. Can cut threw stone like butter, Its called Kiki but if used longer then 6 minutes could serously hurt or almost kill Zero, when Zero masters how to use Kiki he will be able to use it as long as he wants.

Family History: It was said that Zero's father had royal blood in him and he was ashamed to have people know that he had an affair with some one loyal to the Esater, he was loyal to Humpty so he feared his reputation would be ruined. So he kept it a secret from every one hoping that Zero would just disappear and not be found out. It is also said that my father sent the thieves from eleven years ago to kill Zero's mother and Zero himself to hide his little dirty secret.

Pets: A dragon named Cookie, she is only three years old. Cookie was found abandoned in the lunatic woods after some harsh training given to her by someone or something. She has shiny red scales with large yellow eyes and she's big enough for two people (at most, and only at the present moment) to ride her.

Have you read the rules?: Yes
Element: Acid (a particle of destruction)
Guardian Spirit: None...

Better, though I changed it so Cookie can only carry one or two people, four seems like a strain. Later on you can increase the number, because characters grow in roleplays...
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