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This world has been completely taken by the darkness. It is where most Heartless come from.
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Reix walked out of the portal to the great maw So its somewere around here Reix search around before stepping on a panel in the dirt. He knelt down and whiped dirt off the panel to find that the panel was white with a black nobody emblem on it This has to be it Reix placed his hand on the emblem and the panel shook. Reix backed up off the panel and it opened revealing stairs. Reix silently walked down into a room with a computer and many test tubes that contained heartless of all types. Reix went to the computer and typed 'GODGIFT' and the computer lit up showing files upon files of data on heartless. Reix created a disc from darkness and inserted it into the computer and proceeded to download all the data on the disc. Once the download was complete he walked out of the lab with the disc and the panel shut as whe walked out. Reix called two Dark Knights to stay and watch the entrance to the lab and he left through a portal to the Castle That Never Was.
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*Axeru walked through a dark portal and arrived on plain barren wasteland infront of Hallow bastion*
.........................*a strange feeling went through as if something was familiar about this place.Like she's been ehre once before*
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Traveling out into the edges of Hallow Bastion, the heartless began to run around the ground popping their heads up seemingly to have a look. With V.S.S at my side I attacked them
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