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Scariest thing that has ever happened in your life
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Posted 8/29/12
First day of school and I come home to a house that was broken into.

What are they going to steal if I'm broke with crappy things? My iPod with those "pictures" of my ex. Good riddance.

Posted 8/31/12
I peed blood. period.
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24 / M / Indiana
Posted 8/31/12
several years ago me and my friends where playing football near some woods, ad we heard some gun shots and thought nothing of it because we lived in a valley, and sound echos a lot there. Several Minutes later a bullet went whizzing passed my head and hitting a tree that was only a foot away from my head. We all ran as fast as we could to my closest friends house. We found out later the the police arrest two people for shooting there guns in the woods while they where drunk illegally .
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X / Rochester, NY
Posted 8/31/12

Leynir wrote:

I peed blood. period.

You post some very strange things. lol.

Scariest thing in mine was a motor vehicle accident I was involved in, where a driver failed to stop and slammed into my driver side door.
Was pretty scurry seeing a car coming right at me.
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23 / New York
Posted 8/31/12
The scariest moment that I had, was a paranormal experience.
I was visiting a friend for the week, and everything was going great. Then one night when we came back from the beach, we were settling down and all if a sudden I started hearing muffled whispers.
I ignored it for the most part, thinking it must be people passing by the house.
Then, just as we finished eating dinner and I was setting up my bed I saw a strange white mist, like a ribbon, moving across the room. Then the whispers came again.
Then, this is when it became freaky.

My friend usually makes a midnight bathroom break, and since I'm a deep sleeper she never disturbs me when she's moving around the bed to get to the bathroom. But this time she was shaking me to wake me up. She said she saw the chair move away from the computer.
The moonlight was enough to provide a good enough light and she really believed it moved.
I got up and sat on the bed and we waited for anything else.
The chair moved again, this time towards the computer and since the floor is carpeted there would be no way for the chair to move even if the floor was slanted.
We heard footsteps then.
And all of a sudden a voice saying something we didn't understand.

We ran out of the room when a flashlight she kept on a drawer seemed to through itself across to the floor.
She was the last to get out the room and she shrieked when something toughed on her shoulder.
After that we laid on the living room couch and kept hearing muffled voices coming from the room and a weird pop.

This was a house she moved into only a few Weeks Ago.
that night wasn't as bad as some other experiences I had but it was the scariest for me because I was very far away from home and I never heard voices so loud or close to my ear like an actual person.
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