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Sex before Marriage?
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26 / M / Pandemonium
Posted 3/7/12

-Lilith wrote:

No thanks. Intimacy only after marriage or else be kicked out of the house by parents.

I myself agree with that statement too.

So if your kids had sex before marriage, you'd kick them out of your house?
You're douchebag.
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29 / M / Canada
Posted 3/7/12
Sex is sex. Everybody gets around to it sooner or later. I don't see the big deal.
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33 / F
Posted 3/7/12
Pretty much in depends on the person.
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21 / F / So Cal!
Posted 3/11/12

Shalefist wrote:

wickedcookie wrote:

i tink its ok
as long as ur sure
jz b careful...
i hav 1 question though:
hw r we s'pose to make sure our partner is free of HIV?
ask before doing IT?
but arent most inclined to lie at d heat of the moment?
or ask b4 dating smoebody? but that would be hinting u wanna hav sex...?

The way to solve that is by having your first date at Planned Parenthood. Get those issues taken care of promptly, since you can see his/her own results with yours. If you cannot trust the person who is bumping uglies with you, then I'd not consider them a viable candidate for that grace.

Planned Parenthood is horrible to support in ANY way...they support abortion one of the worst things ever.

My personal opinion is sex AFTER marriage. It's a sin and is wrong to take away God's role in any relationship... in simply loving another, trusting etc. to creating a new life.
...I'm Catholic and proud of it. ^_^*

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F / Vietnam
Posted 3/17/12
Meh, personally, I'm a virgin teenager waiting for marriage. My religion (Christianity) has surprisingly little to do with that decision. I hear sex is cool, but the emotional effects (especially the first time) tend to be irreversible. I'm not strong enough to deal with loving someone enough to give my body to them only to have the chance up in the air that they may leave me one day. I'll give myself up to a man who has willingly chosen to be devoted to me and has consciously made the heavy choice of marrying me. And I'll be fully devoted to him in return.

Now, that doesn't 100% mean that just because he married me he'll be 100% faithful or will stay in love with me--I'd just rather give myself to someone who is willing to have that level of devotion for me. Otherwise, I wouldn't be emotionally ready.

Er, now I feel that I've made marriage out to be some kind of final exam or something. ...well, I guess that's one way of putting it, albeit a very cold one...

Now, when my children hit puberty and all that interesting stuff...well, I'll probably bar them from sex until they're at least eighteen. The younger they are, the riskier and more impulse-driven their choices are. I don't want them to do something they'll regret later, and I definitely want their first time to be at least a relatively good memory, not a "what the hell was I thinking" experience. Sex should be used responsibly, you know? That's the basic idea, I think.
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24 / F / Yorkshire
Posted 4/16/12
It is okay
people are being more wise about waiting and making sure that they have a good amount of money and somewere to live befor they get married
i.e. 40 years ago people would be more likely to get married after going out for a year
now it is more like 6-12 years before they will get actualy married
i thik that this is a lot more sensible than getting married quick because you want to be sexualy active with your partner
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34 / M
Posted 4/18/12 , edited 4/18/12
I have never really believed in marriage. I've seen so many marriages fall apart for so many reasons. At one point in time I thought I'd wait until marriage, but then I realized how much I didn't believe in marriage and saw it as pointless to wait for that. Just wait for the right person and it's all good. Marrying somebody without sex first truly does feel like buying pants without trying them on first, like someone else said.

I will say though that I've been in a serious, committed, exclusive relationship with someone for 10 years this month. And we are married now (as of 3 years ago). But the ONLY reason we got married is work would NOT pay to move us across the country unless we were married. Since about 6 months or so into our relationship, it's been as serious as marriage to us, and we didn't see the need for what was essentially a pointless piece of paper. It became less pointless when work made us get married for moving... but even then, being married has changed zero about our relationship.

Anyway... yeah, we had sex before marriage obviously. We've been living together for 9 years. This person has been the only person I've had sex with though, and vice versa.
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34 / M / Toronto, Canada
Posted 4/23/12
another day virgin kids still whining about the sex lives of grown ups
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19 / F / Cainta, Rizal
Posted 4/24/12
its alright IF you used CONDOM
Posted 4/24/12 , edited 4/24/12
a sin in my religion
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30 / M / The Netherlands
Posted 5/1/12
i think it's alright.

no seriously, you must fit mind body and soul before commiting to mariage.
what better way to test and ensure it than having sex.

there is no better test of security, faith and trust than sex.
but don't force it or do it because it's " cool " .
it has to come naturaly, not because of pressure.

thats my 5 cents.
Posted 5/3/12

wonkadobad wrote:

Wrong Or Ok?

What is you feeling on this?

It really depends. To each their own.
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24 / Los Angeles, CA
Posted 5/10/12
There isn't anything wrong with it but I think people should wait until they're mature enough.

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24 / F / The Unseelie Realm
Posted 5/10/12
I personally believe that people should wait until after marriage before experiencing that level of intimacy with someone else, and this is also something that is dictated by my religious beliefs. However, everyone has the right to make their own choices. No judgement here either way.
Posted 5/10/12

FarewellBlues0 wrote:

There isn't anything wrong with it but I think people should wait until they're mature enough.

As well as financially stable because putting together a marriage + honeymoon can be costly.
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