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Sex before Marriage?
Posted 5/11/12 , edited 5/11/12
That does not sound fun to me -_- Probably because I can't see the reason behind waiting, and the act of waiting seems pretty useless IMO. Everyone seems to have different purposes for doing this. I don't think marriage guarantees anything - at least nothing I consider important to myself. What is marriage supposed to protect me from when it comes to sex? Keep in mind that many who get married DO believe in divorce, so I don't see how this could benefit them, either. Also, I hate how a lot of people assume that if you don't wait until marriage, you'll be sleeping with people other than your boyfriend or girlfriend. I'd be glad to discuss other "reasons"; I would need some, first.
Posted 5/17/12
I think its wrong not only because of my religion but because I believe sex is for a couple who love each other and are ready to join up as one.
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22 / M
Posted 5/17/12 , edited 5/17/12
I'll fall with Penn and Teller on this one.
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24 / M / NJ
Posted 5/18/12
Depends on your beliefs, so there is no right or wrong answer. I for one can't wait until marriage. XP
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37 / M / Newcastle, UK
Posted 5/21/12
Personally I think marriage is a much bigger step than sex. I'm not religious but have always believed that when I marry it will be for the one and only time. Sex is fun and exciting, I figure a better question might be 'sex after marriage'...?
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24 / M / Some underworld?
Posted 5/22/12
Whoever has the responsibility for it, that's their business. For myself, the politics and the religious controversy seem too trivial to really change anything.
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22 / F / HK
Posted 5/24/12
I don't care

as long as people are responsible and remain respectable. Other than religious reasons, I think society believes sex before marriage is so bad because it usually connotates with teen pregnancy and sluts
Posted 5/27/12
I don't believe in marriage, so f-ck now, and suffer later.
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M / PFFTT!!! ... Name...
Posted 5/27/12
Say man if we have the choice, isn't it obvious? Besides the fact that the whole concept of marriage has been twisted into some monster I'm pretty sure men everywhere would rather choose to have sex without being married. I mean Marriage technically meant to be a promise, although maybe not to a woman. it was a solemn promise to protect the other and vice versa. I mean some times you just want to screw brainlessly not share your life with someone. Its that animalistic urge to fulfill your lust. Embrace it. Could give you back a couple of years of your life because so many people are wound up tight these days HAHAHA
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20 / F / Portland
Posted 5/27/12
it's a choice, easy as that. if you're dtf before marriage, then you go for it. if you feel more comfortable saving yourself, then that's fine too. the problem isn't whether or not people believe in celibacy, it's whether or not people believe they get to tell others what to do with their body, which they obviously don't. you get to do what you think is right (as long as it's not hurting anyone) and you have to let people make their own decisions, too. just be safe, obviously
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24 / F / Somewhere Over Th...
Posted 5/28/12
If the person is safe, I don't see a problem with it. I'm not saying go around sleeping with everyone, but as long as you're not spreading diseases or getting knocked up before you're ready or participating in anything illegal/non-consensual, there's really nothing wrong with it (IMO). Marriage is not available to all of us anyways; What are those people supposed to do? Remain chaste for the rest of their lives?
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24 / F / NYC
Posted 5/31/12 , edited 5/31/12
I think it's alright if your doing it with someone you really care about and it's safe. (IMO)
However, people question their religion because it is a sin. Well, again (IMO) much of that is a way to keep women from having a voice when it comes to sexuality since they were considered property. I say women mostly because even if a man did it, back then the stigma was mostly on women but yes, men were supposed to overcome the temptation of a woman as well. If not, you were weak-willed and pursuaded by the devil (in a manner of speaking).

A virgin was very valuable to the families and in olden times would sign the documented contract (Marriage IS a contract) and would trade the bride in for some other property to give to her parents or to have an agreement of an alliance between both families, usually both that and more were agreed upon. (I know, I know, no duh right?)

Well, sex before marriage can be bad if it hurts you mentally due to your tradition, religion, or even if you get knocked up and aren't ready for that. Some people who have grown up in a really traditional household could be heavily "depressed" because they couldn't save themselves. The whole crying after sex, feeling of regret and guilt could make someone feel so bad they consider suicide. \
I know other problems also arrive from the emotional "damage" some could get but I think as long as it is something your willing to do and stay safe it is ok.
Posted 6/1/12
Yeah its cool
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30 / M / Washington Metrop...
Posted 6/4/12
Well it really doesn't matter, a lot of teen do it, and people don't take the "no sex until marriage" crap. So it really doesn't matter these day.
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28 / M / The World That Wa...
Posted 6/13/12 , edited 6/13/12
Well to believe in Sex only in marriage you have to believe in marriage, which I do not. Marriage does not mean the eternal commitment it's supposed to, it's too easy to get out of it, therefore to me it's no different than saying 'Do you believe in having sex before having dated for at least 4 years in the middle of summer on June 21st'...Ok well maybe that's exaggerating it a bit, but you get my point on marriage. Plus I find it's too religiously and politically influenced, that to me it seems like marriage is a way of trapping two people together.

So I'm straying from the point a little here, I do definitely believe in eternal commitments, I just don't believe you need to be married to be in one. If you want that peace of mind and sense of security then I approve, but don't go damn thinking you're better than me and attempt to judge me in the place of your God, I won't be having any of it.
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