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Survival Skills
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31 / M / In some galaxy so...
Posted 8/18/10
With a little bit of water and food, I may survive for quite a few days.

Now to worry 'bout the wildlife, poison and the possibility of not being found before running out of rations.
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24 / M / O.C. So.Cal
Posted 8/18/10
id bring bear grylls and I'd be ok
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30 / M / Vancouver, BC, Ca...
Posted 8/18/10 , edited 8/18/10
A VERY high quality razor sharp knife.
My leatherman tool (take this thing EVERYWHERE)
Depending on the location, a medium caliber Rifle and 50 rounds.
Map or charts
Water purification tablets
A filled 1L unbreakable water bottle.
Camping cooking set (cup, pot, pan)
emergency first aid kit
Suitable clothing for the conditions
hammock tent (like a tent, you string between trees, very handy)
Sleeping bag
fire starting implements
energy snacks/coffee
fishing line with hook and bob.
a few rolls of T.P.
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Posted 8/19/10
travel light tent...nice tent

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Posted 8/19/10
Ray Mears and a supply of potato chips
what more could you possibly need
Posted 8/19/10
Well heck if I get to bring anything I want then I want a fully stocked military drop trailer.... why go for just the basics when you don't have to right?
Posted 8/19/10 , edited 8/19/10
I'm thinking about the book Hatchet lol. I'm part of a scout, so I have some pretty good survival skills. Um, if I'm like stranded on an island, then I wouldn't have much with me, so I'll have to use what I have. If I was prepared, I would bring a compass, GPS, lighter, tent, sleeping bag, first aid kit, knife, warm clothing, matches, satellite phone, an axe or hatchet, canteen, backpack, mess kit, fishing pole with bob and hook, energy bars, my itouch with a solar powered charger (if they exist), and ropes.
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