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Posted 10/29/10
Name: Shadow Sakura Natsume .

Age: 14 .

School year: First .

Personality: Quite , shy , timid , doesn't speak so much unless talk en to .

Biography: Her past was filled with alot of crap but, she delt with it .. Her parents are divorced , She has a younger sister but, doesnt see or speak to her much .. She is living with her mother and her idiotic step-dad. Her intrests are Reading , Writing . She doesnt like to speak much unless she is spoken to .

Crush: No one .

Job: Unavailable .

Talents: (like singing, piano, etc.) Piano .

Photo: (spoiler please!):
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F / Good ole US of A
Posted 11/29/10
Name: Riko
School Year:2
Personality:out going, kind, sincere
Biography: comes from a rich family who wants her to marry a rich man. rebels in the form of fighting or hanging out with the 'wrong crowd'
Job: cook/baker
Talents: playing the harp, swimming
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20 / F / Alternia
Posted 12/27/10
Name:Marissa (Mari-Chan)
school year: 1
Personality: Halious, crazy, nice, cute
Biography: Born in u.s, though parents r Japanise. so they move back 2 Japan when Mari-Chan was 11
crush: none of ur bizz.
Job: waitress or bartender
Talents: singing, vollyball, tripping XD
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20 / F / Alternia
Posted 12/27/10 , edited 12/27/10
pic of mari-chan:
Posted 5/20/11
Name: daisuki (dai-kun)
age: 14
school year: 1
Personality: nice, SOOO FRAKIN KAWAII, childish, open minded, smart, really loves kids and animals.
Biography: his dad left when his mom was pregnant with him. but other than that a happy life.
crush: none yet
Job: busboy
Talents: poetry..
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Posted 2/8/12 , edited 2/8/12
Name:Aoi Imiko



Crush:Tohru okawa


Talents: (like singing, piano, etc.)Cooking and drawing

Photo: (spoiler please!)

Posted 1/7/13 , edited 1/7/13
Name: Akio Tomachi


School year: 2

Personality: Quiet, Shy, Charming, And smart

Biography: Akio's Life has gone down the drain His parents abandon him and his sister dies of a car accident. Akio goes out every year waiting at the corner where the car crash happened holding the present he was going to give her for Christmas.

Crush: Any Girl that is a little clusmy, shy, kind, smart, sweet, cute

Job: Playing guitar on the street and piano at concerts.

Talents: (Piano, Guitar.)

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