What was the best comment(s) left on a Crunchyroll video?
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31 / M / 昼寝の王国
Posted 8/22/10
If this is a dupe, please delete.

There's a couple of great comments people have left on videos that I've watched, but there's way too many comments to check them all. Which did you think were best?

11 Eyes - Episode 11
In order to save the world, we must have sex SO mindblowing that it opens up a portal into the Red Night! OMG! That's too damn funny! --Viscountess_Social_Butterfly

School Days - Episode 12
this is what anime would be like is edger alen Poe was still alive --obani0

If you can't find the comment, just remember the best you can. I'd still like to know.
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21 / In a chair in fro...
Posted 8/22/10
My favorite is, welcome to the wonderful world of fillers, so original
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