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Posted 8/24/10
Futuristic Witches/Wizards: They are witches that can can cast moe advanced spells then regular witches, as they know more.

Futuristic Hunters: They hunt Futuristic Cinans. They use special arrows to turn Cinans into different Futuristic Creatures/Races.

Futuristic Elves: Instead of stopping aging at a certain age, thy can get younger and older.

Futuristic Nekos: They are Nekos that can control their power of turning into a part animal. They can also pass their powers to another person for a short time, still keeping theirs.

Futuristic Vampires: They dont need blood to survive. They are given articficial at the Future Acadamy so they dont need REAL blood.

Futuristic Elementalists: They can control not only Fire,Water,and Earth, but any other natural thing.

Futuristic Guardians: They are the protecters of the Rikkan Stone that belongs to the Higumiya Family. They each guard a specific piece.

Humans: They were dropped into the Future Planet in one of the storms the goverment sent to collect more people.
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