Foreigners in the Philippines
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Posted 8/25/10
I just want to get some opinions or may be facts from some Filipinos.
Actually the topic is more like... the disadvantages or advantages wherein other people from other countries build their businesses or gain their opportunities in our homeland(Philippines).
Do you think this benefits the Filipinos? Or not?
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35 / M / Cebu
Posted 8/26/10
it is a disadvantage cause most of the people who own the lands are not pinoys but foreigners.
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23 / F / Philippines
Posted 9/18/10 , edited 9/18/10
A disadvantage. Like in music. KPOP is invading Philippine Music industry. the OPM scene will be gone if the KPOP will still Shine.

Another example:

The brazilian models in the Philippine Commercials. The Company prefers brazilian models than filipino models. the work/job of Filipino models are effected. Foreigners is Invading our Country please STOP.

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Posted 9/18/10
I think it's a disadvantage.... that's why we need to be patriotic..
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25 / bOx
Posted 10/18/10
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Posted 4/21/11
Tourism. The more the tourists the more this country will be beautified.

Foreigners are friends not strangers. Why does some act indifferent toward them?
What is the best we can offer them? Our world renowned hospitality. We are famous for that.

When you're in Malaysia, even though they look like Filipinos you'll see the difference, they don't smile at you, even the staff in hotels.

Filipinos always smile at foreigners, because they're different. Something you don't know is always interesting that's why we want to get to know them.

Your smile will always make anyone their day. all the way
Posted 4/21/11
A few of my best friends (models) told me foreign models are preferred for adverts in asia because they have longer legs, or something about clothes looking better on tv... sounds weird to me.
Posted 4/21/11 , edited 4/21/11
These rich foreigners that build businesses will only create jobs for Filipinos.

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20 / F / Phoenix Arizona
Posted 3/14/12
I think it depends. If it creates jobs for Filipinos, good. If it takes jobs away, bad. :/
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