Slogan Contest >D
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Posted 8/27/10 , edited 8/29/10
Think up of a slogan for the group! >D

1. Please limit the profanity.
2. No sexual stuff. Let's keep things at PG13.
3. Maximum of 12 words.
4. No plagiarism.
5. You must be part of a guild to join.

Open from August 28 - September 25, 2010
Maximum of three entries.


Creativity - 30%
Originality - 25%
Word Choice/Rhyming/Catchy-ness - 10%
Meaning - 10%
Connection to the group - 25%


1st Place - 50 points
2nd Place - 35 points
3rd Place - 20 points
Participation points - 5 points.

What are points for?
By the end of the month, the guild that has accumulated the most points will get an opportunity to get a step ahead of the other guilds in collecting the shards of the Orb of Gaea.
An event will be opened up just for that guild to get a shard. But it's up to that guild's members if they get the shard or not.

Good luck and have fun! =D

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Posted 8/27/10
TFW stands for This (group) Fudgin' Wins.

Yeah. spur of the moment. 'orz i wanted 2 b first. D:
Chivalrous Unicorn
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Posted 8/27/10
= ω = Hmmm...I feel like doing a cheesy slogan. Just came up with it: "Rewind the film of time to find the forgotten wish."? D: Wow. I felt embarrassed just typing it. = 3 = It was supposed to be the pages of time, but rewinding a page doesn't make sense...
Posted 8/28/10
It makes no sense, and I couldn't think what to rhyme with stars, so I tried an assonence xD I'm preeeeeetty sure it didn't work "OTL [ copied off of Miichan >:3 ]

"When one wishes unto the stars, violence may stop around the world afar."
Posted 8/29/10 , edited 8/29/10
When we lose just power off and start again.
Chivalrous Unicorn
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Posted 8/29/10
I was thinking of a simple:

The Forgotten Wish -- Would this be the end?

orr...a not so simple..

Wishes forgotten, dreams are broken, but in everything hope lives on

:OO I epic-fail. Ah wells! ANYTHING FOR MAH UNICORNNN~
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F / WWM~
Posted 8/29/10
Fallen tears, Divided allegiances, Three Guardians, Soar upwards

Blaaargh, I suck at slogans
Valiant Griffin
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23 / F / . Musical Bunny...
Posted 9/3/10

"will This Wish, Forever, Bear no fruit?"

Mii is not really that Creative. am I?... -.- .
Valiant Griffin
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22 / F / Uchuu//Universe
Posted 9/7/10

The wish no longer forgotten, fighters for the future

Will the wish be forgotten forever? Or will you protect the future?

I think both are not good T^T
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Posted 9/7/10 , edited 9/9/10
"A day to live, a minute to speak, but there is an eternity to forget."

"A wish is like riding a bicycle, you never forget."
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