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Song Songs?

Any K-ON songs that YOU have made into your own? then show them here! just fill out the forum below...

Song Name(K-ON):
Song Name(You):
Full Version?:
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Song Name(K-ON):No Thank You
Song Name(You):Is It School Time
Full Version?:It has one

Song Name(K-ON):Utauyo!! MIRACLE
Song Name(You):School time here right now
Full Version?:No

Song Name(K-ON):Listen!!
Song Name(You):Hear it!
Full Version?:It has one

Song Name(K-ON):Go! Go! Maniac
Song Name(You):Toss Around
Full Version?:Not yet

Song Name(K-ON):Cagayake! GIRLS
Song Name(You):BFFL
Full Version?:Not yet

Song Name(K-ON):Fuwa Fuwa Tyme
Song Name(You):Help Me Now
Full Version?:Yup!

Song Name(K-ON):Fude Pen Boru Pen
Song Name(You):I Love you so
Full Version?:Yup!

Song Name(K-ON):Pure Pure Heart
Song Name(You):I Love You
Full Version?:Yup!

Song Name(K-ON):U & I
Song Name(You):I Am Here With You
Full Version?:...I think
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Username: NagihikoFan

Song Name(K-ON): Don't Say Lazy
Song Name(You): Oshiete kudasai AM I LAZY?
Full Version?: Yes

Song name(K-ON): On the Ocean
Song name(You): Umi no Nami
Full version?: No, only ending version

Song name(K-ON): My love is like a Stappler
Song name(You): Muhyojona LOVE
Full version?: Yupz

Song name(K-ON): Sweet Bitter Beauty
Song name(You): Kagayaku SWEET GIRL
Full version?: Yes
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