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Posted 9/2/10 , edited 9/2/10
Username: Lucky_Kid

Rp char name: Aoi
Age: ??? (physically 13)
Race - Unknown
What is your type (dark / light/ both) Undetermined
Rank - Heaven and Hells Messenger
Bio - Aoi has a very strange past, she holds several memories of different people meaning she is just a box to hold memories, emotions and messages. She is used to being by herself since she grew up alone in the wild but somehow managed. Aoi is quiet yet in someways spoiled and sharp tongued. She is the Messenger of Hell and Heaven but her strength is no where near the Gods and Overlord level. Aoi before was contained in a huge pipe like jar full of water, she was inside it and had wires attached to her. Aoi's Race is unknown at the moment, but it's most likely she is a Alien from a Parallel Universe.
Personality - Quiet, Shy, Spoiled, Sharp Tongued, Blood Lust
Weapons - Her ring which seems to have strange invisible wires hooked to it making it dangerous to come near her since the wires cannot be broken.
Abilities - Illusions, Poison, High speed
Pets (optional) A Chimera, mixed of an Owl, Lion, Wolf,Tiger, Panda, named Wonderland (Picture is not avalible)
Who do u fight for ? (self, other being) For the Gods and Overlords watching over her
Pictures (in spoiler please)

Did you pay ? (upload and Invite) Yup yup
Posted 10/30/10 , edited 11/29/10
Username: cxs3gk
Rp Character Name: Sam
Age: (as a human: 15)
Race: shapeshifter
Type: Dark
Rank: ?
Bio: ran away from family to join pack
Personality: can be antisocial or short tempered
Weapons: dagger
Abilities: shapeshift, elements, etc.
Pets: two shapeshifters(Kunno and Dachi)
Who do you fight for? myself, close friends, pets
Angel form:


Wolf form:


Human form:

Did you pay? yes
Unknown Beings
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22 / F / everywhere and no...
Posted 10/30/10 , edited 10/30/10
Username: darkblackcat
Rp char name:
Age: 15
Race - demon neko
What is your type (dark / light/ both) dark
Rank - unknown
Bio - not much known
Personality - nice, sweet, evil, shy, violent at times
Weapons - scythe, hatchet
Abilities - black/demon magic, catlike reflexes
Pets (optional) blackcat
Who do u fight for ? (self, other being) both
Pictures (in spoiler please)

Did you pay ? (upload and Invite) yes
Posted 10/30/10 , edited 10/30/10
Username: KukaiSoumaLover

Rp char name: Kiyoshi Hikora
Age: 18
Race - half human half wolf demon
What is your type (dark / light/ both) kinda both
Rank - have not any
Bio - He was born into a demon king family. His father was demon and his mother was a human. His father didnt know she was a human until Kiyoshi was born, and wated to kill Kiyoshi. His mother refused, but when Kiyoshi got 12 his mother died. Kiyoshi dont know the reason, but it was his father who killed her. Kiyoshi figured that his father would kill him soon as possible now that his mother couldnt protect him. His father got angry when Kiyoshi ran off. He still look after Kiyoshi.
While Kiyoshis mother were alive, he trained to fight with sword, magic and M.A.
He later ran into a girl named Natsumi, she just moved away from home. To him she is like a sister and his support. He somtimes lose controll over himself and become evil and kill ppl. He cant forgive himself for that. (he is a prince)
Personality - he can act very mean when he try to protect somone, but is also a nice and kind person.
Weapons -katana
Abilities -sword-skilled, magic,M.A, fighting, change into a demon and kill without knowing
Pets (optional) have a wolf with dark blue fur, but on the whole bellow side is white. His name is Inushi. He is also bigger than usual wolfs are.
Who do u fight for ? (self, other being) he is fighting for Natsumi and for himself to survive when soliders from his father attack.
Pictures (in spoiler please)

Did you pay ? (upload and Invite) yes
Username: KukaiSoumaLover

Rp char name:
Natsumi Juuisa
Age: 16
Race - she think she is human, but she is something else.
What is your type (dark / light/ both) light, but help Kiyoshi and might be on the dark side sometimes.
Rank -no one
Bio - She grew up at a little place, lived with her mom, dad and lil bro. She and her lil bro were playing with a ball and she threw it to high, he ran after it and got hit by a car. He died, and she blames herself, but might not show it. She can some ice magic and lightning magic. Kiyoshi is very important to her, he saved her life once, but he didnt die. She respect him and is like a brother.
Personality - she is to nice sometimes, but can be evil, is childish
Weapons - none
Abilities - close combat,magic
Pets (optional) none
Who do u fight for ? (self, other being) Kiyoshi and herself + others who need help
Pictures (in spoiler please)

Did you pay ? (upload and Invite) yes
Posted 11/2/10
Rp char name: zane
Age: 17
Race - wondering spirit
What is your type (dark / light/ both) both
Rank - lone wonder
Bio -when he was he had a car accedent, zane lost everything is mom his father, his sister and even his own life. 4 tyears later and he still wondering for his purpose

Personality - loner till he finds good friends then he is happy helpful person
Weapons -sword with a chains coming off the helt
Abilities -none
Pets (optional)a wisp that only he can hear
Who do u fight for ? (self, other being)fights for himself
Pictures (in spoiler please)
Unknown Beings
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19 / F / Where Pigs Fly.
Posted 11/24/10

Username: earthprincessevergreen

Rp char name: fujisaki yume
Age: 12
Race - half mage half angel
What is your type (dark / light/ both): both
Rank - unknown
Bio - her mother and father abandoned her. (will find out more as you rp)
Personality - two different: 1. normal (optimistic) 2. dark
Weapons - sword

Abilities - the five life gifts: spirit, sky (healing only), the main elements (earth, fire, water, air), life (forbidden/sealed), death (forbidden/sealed). her angel form is when she uses spirit and sky magic. mage form is the elemental magic
Pets (optional) yuki in front, yumi in back

yumi's cat form:

yuki's cat form:

Who do u fight for ? (self, other being): everyone
Pictures (in spoiler please)
mage/angel form:

angel form

mage form

Did you pay ? (upload and Invite) yesh =)
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19 / Aincrad
Posted 11/24/10 , edited 11/24/10
Username: Chcocolat

Rp char name: Kan
Age: 16
Race - Angel/Human
What is your type (dark / light/ both) Dark
Rank - Half-Blood
Bio - She may Act like a boy and she likes to keep her life private
Personality - Acts like a boy Evil and Good nice
Weapons - Magic Wand - it can change into anything she wishes
Abilities - Thunder Water Earth Fire Wind and Dangerous tpes
Pets (optional) Dragon , Phionex , A Cat
Who do u fight for ? (self, other being) Herself
Pictures (in spoiler please)



Did you pay ? yes i did
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