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Best UN-Heard Manga
Posted 11/3/10
I liked 13 and $100 is too cheap. Both are one-shots btw. I like good one-shots! 13 is really funny! XD
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Posted 11/3/10

The Breaker

SuperPower/bit gorish:

Deadman wonderland
Mirai Nikki


Cromartie high school
Angel dentetsu

Liar Game

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22 / F / Im not quite sure
Posted 11/22/10
what about kuroshitsuji (black butler)

the butler is looking after the earl who is 12, his family died. the butler is a i cant think of anything else that wouldnt spoil it so.
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i live in a shoe~...
Posted 2/2/11
GASP. Did I only type Kamisama Hajimemashita?!? I must be one failure of a manga lover. *cry* I'll try keep the descriptions short. Adding to the list!:
-----YES! to whoever said akagami no shirayukihime! (Amazing red-head of awesome-ness)
-----will o' wisp- Even if it's based off of an otome game it is still really awesome. About a girl who grew up in a doll shop. She ends up finding a (HOT) doll who can move and talk, one of the rare elemental dolls.
-----MAX- about a girl with a special (spoiler so I won't say) gift. Ends up in a group who try to earn lots of money. Really good!
-----Barajou no kiss- I actually don't know if it's well known or not sorry but awesome. Anis is the Rose Princess and dominion of the rose knights, many hot guys.
-----Oresama teacher (did someone list this already? sorry if someone did) really awesome-sauce and super funny! About a former delinquent who moves to a new school to start her new girly life, but with a teacher and new friends like hers... can she?
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Posted 7/28/11
Crimson Shell is REALLY good. It's only one book but has amazing art and a good, unpredictable storyline.
(It's by the same person mangaka who drew pandora hearts)

Also, The Sleepy Residents of Birdcage Manor. The art is like, godly. And the storyline is so realistic i love itt <333
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23 / F / anime world, Dram...
Posted 7/28/11
Forever Honey. You can "read" it on youtube. Fantastic story, although it's a one shot and not a manga.
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22 / NYC
Posted 7/28/11 , edited 7/28/11

It's about a man who pretends to be a women/mother to cover up the fact that his stepson's mother passed away when he was young. But his woman side also gets attention that he wishes his real self had. It is very funny and very touching.

My Balls

A powerful demon whose purpose is to destroy mankind is sealed in a man's testicles and he must not set her free from there (you know what I mean by that) for 31 days or it will be the end for everyone. It's a mature manga but very funny, has me laughing in each chapter. The story is original at least.

Yotsuba&! (Should be more popular but too many people judge it)

The daily life of a toddler. Cute and charming stories. I've bought every single volume in English and it always cheers me up when I read it.

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28 / M / in your head
Posted 7/28/11
666 Satan? not sure
Posted 7/28/11 , edited 7/29/11
nabari no ou
pig bride
Crimson Shell
Wandering Son

uh i guess its these 4 in my opinion
Posted 7/28/11

Kimmiex wrote:

Kamichama karin...seriously its the best :|

thank you! I've been looking for this manga since last year.
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26 / F / Croatia
Posted 7/28/11

The breaker --> action, comedy, martial-arts, school life, shounen
The breaker - New Waves --> the continuation of " The breaker " so same genre

S.I.D --> short for Supernatural Investigation Department , action, comedy, drama, horror, mystery, shounen, supernatural

7O3X --> school life, seinen ( fun story based on quiz games, good for killing time )

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24 / M / Northwest
Posted 7/28/11
Not sure if they are top ten but I really don't see much attention for Hajime no Ippo and Kenichi History's Strongest Disciple.
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F / In front of a com...
Posted 7/28/11
i rarely ever see anyone talking about Cross Game, my absolute favorite manga. i use every opportunity to advertise it. eheheh.

its a sports (baseball) and romance manga, but theres not a lot of lovey-dovey-ness for those who dont like that (like me). none of the characters are too annoying. the art seems kinda, 'vintage'. idk, hard to describe it.
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20 / F
Posted 7/29/11
zombie loan, blood lad, and the wallflower

i think those arnt that known.....
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21 / M / Earth
Posted 7/31/11
I like Othello by Satomi Ikezawa. It's very good but doesn't get the attention it
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