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Best UN-Heard Manga
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50 / M / Champaign, IL
Posted 7/2/12
OK, first off, many of these, especially the ones that have anime series based on them, really don't qualify as "Unheard of!"

If they have been licensed in the US, that counts as being heard of too.

As for the question. How the hell should I know? They're unheard of!
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Posted 7/2/12 , edited 7/2/12
for me
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Posted 7/2/12
if i'm not mistaken I believe the author of "666Satan" is Seishi Kishimoto, who also happens to be Misashi Kishimoto's younger twin brother.
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22 / F / USA
Posted 7/2/12
Seems like no one have mentioned these yet:

Loveless by Kouga Yun
It's about a boy who has no recollection of his life before age 10. He then meets this adult named Soubi who explains that he knew his older brother before his untimely death and knows who's responsible for it. They both then set out to find out the truth about it and along the way gets dragged into these spell battles.

The Guy Who Will Give a Kiss for 5000 Won by Hwang Mi-Ri
The story follows a school girl who meets this guy who charge girls for kisses. When the two mistakenly kiss, the girl falls in love with the boy. The girl then try to come up with ways to catch his attention.
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31 / M / Riding sound waves
Posted 7/3/12
Old Boy
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Posted 7/3/12
Best un-heard manga? That would be Gantz!
Posted 7/4/12 , edited 7/4/12
Onani Master Kurosawa. While it isn't explicit, quite a few scenes are sexually suggestive. Not for kids!

Dragon Head and The Drifting Classroom are also good. Both follow a similar theme to Lord of the Flies. If that's your kind of thing, you should definitely check those two out,
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Posted 7/4/12
Dogs: Bullets and Carnage - Amazing action scenes, has occasional gore scenes. The story itself is interesting. There's an underlying connection that eventually draws the main characters to work together.

Spiral: Suiri no Kizuna - It had an anime, but even then, it's really not that well known. A mix of mystery, tragedy, comedy, philosophy, and sparse romance. The main character suffers from a strong inferiority complex due to consistently being overshadowed by his brother. Everything he likes, does, his talents are the same as his brothers. His brother disappeared leaving with only a hint when he spoke of the Blade Children.
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28 / F / Seattle
Posted 7/5/12 , edited 7/5/12
Immortal Rain

If there's anyone who says that shoujo can't have action and violence, and MUST have sparkly and rose-patterned screentone, then I'd point them to this one.

It's about a girl (Machika) who's taken on her grandpa's job as an assassin. And her wish is to kill the 800-year old man who is believed to be immortal. But he's got a stiff bounty on his head, so she's not the only one chasing him.

As you might guess, after she meets him (Rain), she is convinced to postpone the execution. Rain is a dork (and pretty much a cross between Vash the Stampede and Abel Nightroad). He'd love above all things to become mortal again, but first he must achieve his goal: to fulfill a promise made to the one who made him immortal.

There's lots of interesting characters, and I love the action and the sci-fi setting.

The worst thing about the series is that Tokyopop only published 8 out of 11 volumes.

*rages at the skies*

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Posted 7/5/12
yankee-kun to megane-chan
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Posted 7/5/12
Seishun For-Get! (Ongoing) best manga and first manga i read online :3
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Posted 7/5/12
Akame ga kiru, Ratman, and Denpa kyoushi
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Posted 7/7/12
I'm not really sure if these manga's aren't popular or whatsoever, but, I think they're not since none of my friends, who loves manga(s) too, know them soooo...

1. Majin Tantei Nougami Neuro

2. Ao no Exorcist
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32 / M / NY
Posted 7/7/12 , edited 7/7/12
This should be on everyone's reading list:

Black Jack by Osamu Tezuka

From ANN: Black Jack is the doctor Tezuka wished he could be, one free of the constraints of the modern rules, who can heal and help on his rules. He travels the world helping those who pay him, sometime those he takes mercy on, and always those who move him. Despite not having a valid license, he is still the doctor of last resort, the only man who keeps the reaper at bay. Sometimes though, he's the one who brings the reaper...
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F / Where the music p...
Posted 7/8/12
I love these:
Warau Kanoko-sama (already said but, it is just so good!)
Akuma to Love Song (already said but, I love this!)
Time Stranger Kyoko
Cyber Idol Mink
Miss Rain
Hime 100%
Dream Saga
Yume Yume You You
Miracle Girls
Yurara no Tsuki
Anoko ni 1000%
Rakuen Route
(and there's more!)
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