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23 / under the same sky
Posted 9/8/10
My opinion of the ending:

I think the ending was a little too open for my taste. But after reading other people's comments, i begin to think that it is quite beautiful and realistic (just as how the play have been throughout), and that life continues on. Though i wish to see what those people are up to, like Ru-mi and the young Gun-woo and the other orchestra members - oh yeah and whether or not the orchestra was saved in the end? But i guess that is also the beauty of this drama- full of unexpectedness.

I think it is like a 'typical' human relationship whereby humans are afraid to commit each other with regards to the Ru-mi and Kang-Mae relationship. I really think that this drama really unveils both the good and bad sides of humans (like how we are greedy as humans and yet, can also be full of hope). It's a beautiful and yet realistic drama, something that we can relate to our own lives. And i think it's quite an eye-opener in the sense that we see the lives of musicians, people who love music but are constricted by their own realities. I think musicians would definitely enjoy this drama not just for the music, but they also can relate their pains and sufferings for music with the characters in the show.
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