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Post Reply Favorite Video Games
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29 / M / New York
Posted 3/22/07
Ima go with Zelda series and Super smash brothers
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26 / M / Canada
Posted 3/23/07
I'd say God of War (PS2) is the best action/adventure game out there. If not for general, then for PS2 at least.
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28 / F / S. CA, Where Happ...
Posted 3/23/07
It's obvious...ppl

halo 1&2 (won game of the year i think twice)
Super Smash Bros/Melee
Final Fantasy -series
I guess Zelda too
Capcom fighting games
and Randomly GUITAR HERO/DDR..

If everyone has at least tried these games...u know its the best...
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26 / M / The village hidde...
Posted 3/23/07
favorite games.
super smash bros. series.
gears of war.
lost planet.
halo series.
legend of zelda series.
all mario games.
all mega man. mega man x, battle network, ect series.
street fighter games.
final fantasy series.
that's about it.
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30 / M / Philippines
Posted 3/23/07
Final Fantasy series
Chrono Cross
Legend of Dragoon far these games has both good storylines as well as gameplay.
...this is my opinion, other people may have other opinions...
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30 / M / Through the looki...
Posted 3/23/07
This is an almost impossible question for me to answer but here goes...

1. Final Fantasy VI
2. Final Fantasy VII
3. Baldur's Gate (1&2)

1. Red Orchestra
2. UT2004
3. Far Cry
4. Tomb Raider Legend (Anniversary will be even better though)

1. Alien Crossfire
2. Alpha Centauri
3. Age of Empires III
4. Starcraft

Hokay, I am going to stop now...
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24 / F / Marikina, Philipp...
Posted 3/23/07
Halo series
Final Fantasy 6,7,9,10
Elder Scrolls : Oblivion, Morrowind
Gears of War
Warcraft 3

I still play most of them.
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25 / M / Australia
Posted 3/24/07
i don't really play a lot of video games but here are my fav when i was like 6th grade
-ff tactics
-castlevania symphony of the night
-mario - 6 golden coins? (i4got but i liked it alot!)
-megaman x4
-marvel vs. capcom
- metal gear solid
yep all of them are old
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23 / M / The destructive p...
Posted 3/26/07
i think KH2 and KH1 are the best.
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31 / M / CS, TEXAS
Posted 3/26/07
Interesting. In my opinion, the best games i've ever played or known are:
1. Suikoden 2 (yup, definitely one of the best)
2. ff7
3. God of war
4. Tekken
5. Time Crisis

have you forgot all of these??
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26 / M / (not real answer)...
Posted 3/26/07
umm . . . action/adventure/platform thingy . . . :
1. Ninja Gaiden series
2. Crash Bandicoot series
3. Mario series
4. any Sonic game b4 it got 3D

first-person shooter/third person shooter:
1. Half-Life series
2. Halo series
3. Max Payne Series
4. Counter Strike Series

rpg in general:
1. Elder Scrolls series
2. Final Fantasy series
3. ANY mmorpg that's free!
4. Kingdom Hearts series (although I hate what they've done to the square brand chars)

racing in general:
1. Burnout series
2. Need For Speed series
3. Initial D series
4. eh, what the hell, Mad Dash for it's cuteness, yet maturity

Fighting game:
1. Dead or Alive Series
2. Anything involving Street Fighter
3. Tekken series
4. King of Fighters series

any portable game worth taking on a car ride:
1. pokemon (any color or mineral)
2. kirby series
3. mario series
4. any of those bubble-popping games (with the blue and green dinosaur)

my list is not necessarily my favorite, as I have never played some of them, but are games others mention. they aren't in a particular order.
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35 / M / Ohio
Posted 3/27/07
Oi I forgot Fable for RPG, the story line was lacking, but the leveling system and NPC interaction is up there for "best" the controls are quite nice too.

Fable 2 should fix the short story line... I hope
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27 / F / Miami
Posted 3/27/07
*The legend of Zelda (s)


*Dark Cloud 2

*FF series
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24 / M / San Antonio, TX
Posted 3/27/07

________Mrobin3's Top 10 Picks________

#10: Final Fantasy (entire trilogy )

#9:Super Mario Bros.

#8:The Legend Of Zelda

#7:Halo 1 and 2

#6:WoW( World of Warcraft for all the "non-gamers" )

#5:( I dont care what anyone says cuz you all know they were great )

#4:Command And Conquer

#3:Warcraft ( normal series )

#2:Tekken( whole series )

#1:Sonic ( original game on sega )

Note: this top 10 was not in any order from top to bottom I just put them in the list as they came to my head
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23 / M / Quezon City, Phil...
Posted 3/28/07
in my opinion the best games ever made are (top 10, not in order)

1.Civilizations series
2.Legend of Zelda series
3.Super Smash Bros. series
4.Metal Gear series
5. Mario ( any game with Mario in it )
6. Pokemon series
7. Call of Duty series
8. Company of Heroes
9. Counter Strike series
10. Gran Tourismo series

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