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Posted 9/13/10 , edited 9/15/10

City Approach by xadhoom

Koranta is one of the many cities that showcases the differences of those subjugated by poverty and those who live enriching lives high above the surface. The pillars are mana towers that gather mana to power-up the cities' technologies and make it operable in its welfare. There are other generators to back its power-supply should incidents occur to "knock-it" back to the Stone Age. The big bubble sphere is a controlled environment area making the upper cities have "infinite" periods of daylight making it one of the cities that never sleep.

Koranta, Aoea's Command


Welcome to my shop. In here, you can buy materias or technicks to expand your Command list.


A yellow, crystal orb that contains the power to expand one's tactical command.


Technicks are special commands that do not require MP and may change the tide of battle to your favor.

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