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One Piece?
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Posted 3/7/12

TheAncientOne wrote:

How exactly would license restrictions "not apply" simply by opening branches outside the United States? Are you proposing CR open other branches that would then stream anime illegally to other countries?

nope, just like you said, now is not financially viable for crunchyroll to buy licences for streaming outside the US cause their investors, are form there, opening new branches, will more likely expand the market, and what i really meant is this: outside the US even though same laws apply, the licence restriction, just like onepiece, do not apply because in this case, onepiece is licenced for FuniAnimation, witch do not exist in latinamerica, so open a new branch, is now the best move, cause there is not a real market outside the united states(talkign about online streaming), YES is a dangerous move, but if crunchyroll dont do it, someone else will do, or already did: NETFLIX. the resent move of netflix prove my point, adding in this case mexico to his market.
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Posted 2/15/13
Maybe crunchyroll could have varied membership fees depending on content access. So that users outside the United States pay less than U.S members.
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