X Japan Playing at the Wiltern 9/25
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Posted 9/14/10 , edited 9/14/10
Last week I saw Dir en Grey playing live in Sunset and next week X Japan will be playing at the Wiltern!

9/25 X Japan along with their opening band Vampires effect will entertain fans with their unique style of music which is awesome for a band who might of never gotten back together, but fans can rock out.

They will also be touring:

X Japan's North American 2010 Tour Itinerary-

25 Wiltern Theatre, Los Angeles, CA
28 Fox Theatre, Oakland, CA

1 Paramount Theatre, Seattle, WA
3 Queen Elizabeth Theatre, Vancouver, BC CANADA
6 Riviera, Chicago, IL
7 Massey Hall, Toronto, ON CANADA
10 Roseland Ballroom, New York City, NY

With tickets still available to all their shows.
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Posted 8/2/11 , edited 8/2/11
Omg!!! I love X-japan and DEG!!! Xjapan will never be the same with out Hide
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Posted 10/28/12 , edited 10/29/12
shiiit..couple years too late.
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Posted 1/14/13 , edited 1/15/13
Yes the events were 2 years ago so thread closed lol
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