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M / Closer Than You T...
Posted 9/15/10 , edited 9/15/10
This is a recreation of Darkside Fairy Tale. I call it EVOKE.


Summary: The story revolves around a boy name Hidoyoshi (guy), he's was an orphan and was adopted by an old man. Figures out that the old man adopted three other children.

Misaki - A young, beautiful, attractive person. (girl)

Junko - A carefree and reckless person. (guy)

Reiki - A cynical and sarcastic person. (girl)

The old man was planning to turn them to Evokes. But the risk of dying is too high, since they were in a young age and were not mature enough.

7 years later, when they were 17, he started teaching them about Evokes and their history. But, it turns out not everyone can be an Evoke. There are three types of magical guardians in this world. The person is chosen to be that magical type by faith.

Evoke - Someone who calls up to their feeling and turns it to magical power.

Wizard - Someone who learns magic from the elements of nature.

Necromancer- Someone who uses the soul of dead people and can make them their minions or control their power.

Out of the four, Hido was the only Evoke. Misaki and Junko were a Wizard and Reika is a necromancer.

One day, the old man disappeared. Then the four of them came to an idea to go an adventure, hoping to find their old master and see the outside world.

During, their adventure...Misaki left them...it happened when a team challenged them to a fight and defeated them easily. They were interested in Misaki and Misaki ended up joining them and her final words to the three were "How can I stay in group of weaklings."

The three-man team, still plan to find their old master. But, they developed a new goal...to win the Coronta Tournament and hope to see the team that Misaki is in and to defeat them.

Please give me some feedback, and tell me if you want me to start a series out of this. I can start posting chapters as soon as possible.
Posted 11/1/10
>< so brief :L :)
but it's good. add more description please <3
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