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lets be mushy, describe your dream boy/girl
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35 / M
Posted 9/16/10

Loofie7 wrote:


That makes two of us. Also for my case it doesn't matter if she's a little chubby and doesn't look "hott". Just be herself and be her own person.
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30 / F / Plato's allegoric...
Posted 9/16/10
Well in terms of physical attractiveness I'm not very picky. Just as long as they value their health. I like brunettes more than blondes though. Tall, preferably. I also would like him to look like a man. Doesn't matter what race.

In a perfect world he would have these qualities:

1. Respectful and a gentleman (doesn't swear too much).
2. Book Smart (he has to get at least some of my vague and random literary allusions)
3. Someone who can make their own dang sandwich!!
4. I wanna say "honest" but I'll go with "discreet." Some things I'd rather not know but he has to know the difference.
5. If he is to have a muscular body he better have a use for them (Firefighter, cop, builder etc.) I don't want a "I know how to use a BowFlex" guy
6. Proud but humble.
7. Generous.
8. Treats me like an equal but is aware that I am a woman.
9. Not too shy or afraid of social interactions.
10. Openminded
11. Values the importance of technology but knows it's better when everything is unplugged and silent.

I am not looking for my other half because I don't consider myself half a person and I want him to be a separate entity from myself. I want him to want me not need me. A friend, a lover, a partner in crime.

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70 / M / Limbo
Posted 9/16/10
I don't really have an ideal mate in my head... but you know, if you're rich and you're hot, please meet me at the nacho cart.

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F / @ home
Posted 9/16/10 , edited 9/16/10
I don't care much for looks or race but if they look anything like Todd Haberkorn, Troy Baker, Yuuichi Nakamura, Daisuke Namikawa, Vic Mignogna, or Tim from Rise Against I'd be one happy Panda.

Hopefully they like the same kinda music I like (genre wise) and they gotta be a geek like me. (Video games, anime, manga, cosplay, etc...)
I think brown hair would be best, I don't like blond hair on guys as much (unless they're German... They can work the blond hair). Green or blue eyes would be nice.
Not too sensitive, but not a complete jerk-ass. Y'know strong and caring enough to protect me, emotionally and physically. Doesn't have to be perfect, cuz I don't care too much about smarts if the persons nice.

That right there sounds down right impossible though >_> -sigh- But I'm allowed to dream!! If that don't work out, I guess anyone with money would be nice too.

XD "BowFlex" made me LOL. True. Muscular, but in a lean way. Not in a weird Hulk Hogan way. AND THEY GOTTA BE ABLE TO MAKE THEIR OWN GOD FORSAKEN SANDWICH!! I really agree with the stuff you listed.
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28 / M / El salvador
Posted 9/16/10

raisadette21 wrote:

be super descriptive ladies and gents better yet, put pictures!
lets be a lil' real too lol
dream girl would be someone who is Cute,beautiful,modest,loyal,trustworthy,nice, so on and so on. imagin someone like mikuru from The melancholy of haruhi suzomiya. but in real life

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Posted 9/16/10

freyt wrote:

3. Someone who doesn't like to go out to eat, and possibly doesn't even like a lot of food such as what's served in restaurants. don't like going out to eat or even "restaurant food"? So sad, so many people have hate relationships with food or is it that you prefer home-cooked meals?

Anywho, my dream guy is someone that makes me happy.
Someone that understands that wanting to be alone for a little while isn't an insult to him.
Being in the same room without having to interact.
Someone that doesn't have to get my weird sense of humor but laughs anyways.

On a more basic note, I don't care about religion as long as he doesn't try to convert me, no smokers(the smell gives me a headache), no heavy drinkers(I just never understood the appeal of it), likes animals(I will pretty much always have a pet, and I'd get rid of him before getting rid of my pet, the pet is family).

Oh, and food is important(though all things in moderation) so if he can cook that's a definite plus, and being able to enjoy food without stressing out over calories or "counting carbs" would be nice.
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Posted 9/16/10
Someone who's the total opposite of me. Like my boyfriend <3 LOL, we always fight due to being total opposites, but that's what makes me love him moar <3333
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24 / F / 不思議の国
Posted 9/18/10
doesn't smoke, drink, or has any tattoos.

and most importantly, someone who is mature.
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27 / M / Goldsboro, North...
Posted 9/18/10

BugginMary wrote:

Dude! I fit like 93% of what you wrote. However, I'm like a head taller, older, not a technophile, and other stuff. She (your dream girl) seems like she is going to be hard to find. Good Luck!!!

Yes well, being 2 years older is nothing, but not being a "technophile" would be disappointing
And you'd likely make me feel short

Maigraith wrote: don't like going out to eat or even "restaurant food"? So sad, so many people have hate relationships with food or is it that you prefer home-cooked meals?

More like I just don't like "meals". If I could live without eating, I would most likely be much happier in this world. Though I don't mind enjoying junk food, especially beef jerkey.
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22 / F / dubai
Posted 9/18/10
Uh..attractive, friendly, funny, talkative.. seriously..i dunno...but i hope he the love the way i am, and will be there for me during the worst and best time. :))
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24 / F / south-east asia
Posted 9/18/10
nd he shud be intellectual,
have good sense of humor,
keeps me interested,
someone who likes me for who i am,
who's not fussy,
calm nd cool nd can control his temper,
tactful in handling problems,
gives me alot of gifts,
doesn't put restrictions on me.............!!!

there r a lot of other qualities but i'm too tired to mention 'em all...........!!!
Posted 9/18/10
- a true Muslim
- dark-skinned
- not too skinny
- a good rapper like 2pac , weezy , the game or something <3 lol
yeah i think these are enough , to make it short

Posted 9/18/10
gay and uke :3
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22 / F / CT
Posted 9/18/10
i guess a guy that is just like me but a male thats taller then me has green eyes with brown hair and cute lol
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22 / F / ✖♥ Find me♥ ✖
Posted 9/18/10
a guy like Alex Fuentes in the book called Perfect Chemistry ._.

A guy who is from a gang and changes his life because of me <3
a guy who hides his true self , just like me
and we only show our true selves to each other <3
Oh god, Im inlove with mexican boys D;
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