First Time Cosplay Help?
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Posted 9/16/10
So I'm going to my first Anime Convention this October.
I'm not sure what to expect, but I know lots of people enjoy dressing up.
So, I need a little help deciding who to be.

1) Mitsuru Kirijo

2) Mikuru Asahina

You can simply put "1" or "2" to answer, or if you feel neither of them are a good choice, post your own picture of who you think I should be. Just as a note, I am a red head, which is why I'm choosing red haired characters. If you're curious about how I look, i have pictures on my profile. Please no trolling or insults. Thanks!
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Posted 9/16/10
I say go with the first one and also there are no Personal Threads allowed.

Ask your friends.

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