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Worst pick up line/ thing to say to the woman you like
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38 / M / CT
Posted 9/18/10 , edited 9/19/10
Hmm.. what is it all the kids are saying these days... something like...

...Hay, Bish! Lesh go git crunk 'n smash in tha back-o mah honda!

..Right? Is that accurate?

Domo-Kun smash... but I still lurbs hem. He's just misguided.

He has high smashing standards.
Posted 9/19/10 , edited 9/19/10
This just happened to me last night at a party. A guy came up to me with a bowl of peanuts and said "Put my nuts in your mouth." Needless to say, I didn't think it was as good an opener as he did.
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25 / F / Califonia
Posted 9/19/10 , edited 9/19/10
I hear this ones

"I got arrested, ...... from stealing your heart"

"Are you dresses as the most beatiful girl in the world"

"I like your shoes, wanna do it"

and thats all, Ive heard form guys
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Ecuadorian Roast Pot
Posted 9/19/10 , edited 9/19/10
XD this isn't really a pick up line but....a guy that I once danced with said " You smell really nice and you look beautiful *pause* can I make out with you?" . Then a couple minutes later he repeated the Same thing except after the pause he said " can I have your number?" lol Then he did it again...and asked if he can buy me a drink.
I said no to all three..
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23 / F / San Carlos city
Posted 9/19/10 , edited 9/20/10

CassyIsAWeirdo wrote:

"Nice legs, what time do they open?"

ze04 wrote:

i always read this one... "if i could rearrange the alphabet, I'd put U and I together...
its kinda tiring...

Good comeback = "I like it just the way it is. With 'N' and 'O' together."

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Posted 9/20/10 , edited 9/20/10

Tarthearts wrote:

"I'm just like a rubix cube, the more you play with me the harder I get."

When I heard that one I just about died laughing.

This was Hilarious!

The crazy one I heard, ....

"Hey baby want to make a fetus? "
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M / Canada
Posted 9/20/10 , edited 9/20/10
Why don't you get on your knees and smile like a doughnut
Posted 9/20/10 , edited 9/21/10

the only way for me to stop this bomb it to have sex with you o.o
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24 / F
Posted 9/20/10 , edited 9/21/10
there's something wrong with my phone... your number's not in it
Posted 9/20/10 , edited 9/21/10
this one made me lol

"The Mans destination, is the Womans location, to increase the population, for the next generation, do you understand my explanation, or do you need a demonstation?"

the most unoriginal one EVER i think would be

"Baby are you on fire, because you are SMOKIN' HOT!"
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30 / F / I don't know but...
Posted 9/20/10 , edited 9/21/10
can I stick my gpu in your pci-e?
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25 / M / Guess
Posted 9/20/10 , edited 9/21/10
Guy walks up to girl

Guy: has anyone told you how beautiful you are today?
Girl: *Possible blush* No
Guy: Huh, me either.
Posted 10/23/10 , edited 10/24/10
I have received this one and felt inclined to punch the guy in the face. -__-

Guy: "A cat falls into the water and the rooster laughs, what's the moral of the story?"

Me: "I dunno..."

Guy: "A wet pussy always makes a happy chick."

Posted 10/23/10 , edited 10/24/10

Hellhunter22 wrote:

"Is your dad a terrorist? because you are the bomb."
"Hey, can I have a new heart? because you stole mine."
"Am I dead? because you look like an angel."
"Are we the last 2 people on earth? because all I see is you baby."
"Are you crazy? because I am....about you."
"Is your face the sun? because you are the light of my life."
"If being sexy is a crime, then you need to be locked away for life, in my pants."

that's about it

Those are almost all classics! If those are bad, let's just scratch the whole idea of using pickup lines all together.
Posted 10/23/10 , edited 10/24/10
If it's rankings you are worried about
then let me just say
you are already number one in my heart. ~World only god knows... Think I quoted it wrong.

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