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Are we all truly equal?
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106 / F / Peacefulness
Posted 5/3/11
I think that by equality, it means equal opportunities and rights for everyone. I don't really think that backrounds divides us from being equal, Of course some people are richer than others, and more healthier than others, but it doesn't divide us from equal rights. I believe in peace, sadly not everyone does, but one could hope to spread peace to others. Cheesy as it sounds.
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21 / F / library
Posted 5/11/11
<second post> =D

thoughts of inequality come because people treat people differently.
if you have enemies, you treat them differently from the way you treat, say, your family.
by treating differently, you already make people around you unequal.

treating people differently is okay because you have different level of trust, you have different opinion on each person.
you can't treat everyone equally, they hav different characteristics too. including treating those people just like you treat yourself, that might be impossible.

if you think everyone should be equal, don't you sometimes want to 'have more' than everyone else to prove that you are 'better' than everyone else? matter of egoism.
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21 / M
Posted 5/16/11
No, we were born equal but we go into higher social classes and become unequal


T.I ( rapper ) posession of illegal weapons, he was already on parroll. he got like 3 months in jail

Another man, same exact crime, ONE year in jail
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30 / M / Mount Vernon, N.Y.
Posted 6/2/11
Thats an age old question haha
But after stuggling with it through out college and these last 2 years through studying philosphers and sociologists, I came to my own opinion on the matter.
Socially - heck no
Physically- no way, physical inequality is the earliest form of inequality next to gender inequality
That being said, these distinctions are made by our own perceptions and our own perceptions aren't worth squat. One life form is not more valuable or (in George Orwell's words) 'More Equal" than any other life form.
In short, I share the same belief as Rousseau, "Man is born free, but everywhere he is in chains."
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Posted 6/3/11
Is it equality of wealth? In this case, to address the case of communist Russia and China, there was an attempt at overthrowing a system that internalized ever increasing disparities of income and life quality. They failed not because everyone is not equal, but because they wanted to establish what amounted to an unsustainable system, heavily and shoddily industrialized, and worst, controlled by an autocratic elite and a heavy bureaucracy that in the end recreated the pattern it had sworn to destroy. Except with more killing. Furthermore, if we agree to a standard of living that all should enjoy, let's say the middle class western level for this, then can we actually sustain it for everyone? Is it not kept afloat by the misery of the rest of the world? Perhaps we could do it, at the cost of completely marshalling the ressources of the earth, changing and shifting the ecosystem toward one goal: producing enough ressources for everyone. This, like redistribution, though, will prove to be rather short lived, as these conditions will then proceed to make the population rise and put ever more pressure on our ever dwindling ressources. Equality, in this sense, seems to be only achievable once we will have screwd ourselves over so bad that we will all be scavenging for the scrap, equal in misery and poverty.

Do we mean equality as humans? Well, not everyone wins the lottery when they are born. Some of us, a lot of us actually, are born or will develop conditions or complications that ultimately disadvantages us toward other individuals. Is a man with one arm equal to a man with two arms? This is even more dramatically demonstrated when it comes to mental impairment, caused by things such as asphexiation on birth or foetal alcoholic syndrom, all which might damage the brain of the newborn baby. These people will never have a chance, mentally, to go as far as everyone else. They will quickly hit their limits.

You can also take a more abstract approach. We are all human. We have all the same worth. This is a philosophical construct, mind you, but an interesting one to entertain. By this, I mean, its more of a de jure notion. De facto, it comes down more to certain capablities you posses, and this is where things like charisma, a healthy body and a healthy mind will probably get you farther then any belief that we were all created equal. Sure we have rights, sure there are declarations, but when it comes down to it, are we truly equal? Let's say you are making a soccer team. Every comrade in your class is in theory equal. They all have a fair shot on being picked, on being on the tean. Odds are, though, that you will pick the more athletic ones first, then the middle-ish one, and then the more questionable ones.

And then there is the environment. Sure, in theory, we all have the same opportunities, at least in the west, to pursue our interests and fulfill ourselves. Some would go so far as to say it doesn't matter what background you are from: if you set your mind to it, you can succeed! Of course, this is more of a you vs. the environment kind of deal. A story less told is the one in which you lose and the environment wins. Our backgrounds themselves can become advantages and disadvantages, and this again might as well be a lottery. Sure, you can put laws against racism, put hiring quotas, but if you have a poor mastery of the language you are expected to perform in, you are at a disadvantage. And in a meritocratic system, is it not equally unfair to deny someone a position, even though that person is highly skilled and can get the job done, for the sake of someone else purely to avoid the stigma of perceived discrimination? Of course there is no denying these people would need such help to get started, especially in a foreign land, but it is still relevant to consider this in the wider debate.

So yeah, basicaly. k bai.
Posted 6/4/11
hehe shall we move past the trolling?

From a scientific stand point, the answer would be no. If you look down to people's genetic make-up, their DNA etc., some can be superior to others. Take someone who is born with a slight genetic defect that causes them to have a high chance of developing diabetes against someone who has a genetic plus that could make them resistant to several forms of cancer. These are just little things of course, but you get the idea.
It's very true that everyone is unique, as we each have unique DNA, so by that logic too no one can be equal if we're all different.

Of course, don't let this get you down We each have a life, and free will (debatable, but we're not discussing that) so it's what we do with our lives that define us.
I don't think we're born equal, but we each get one life, no more then that
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25 / F / secret
Posted 7/16/11
"social ladder"

money what's makes us in higher position

we can only be equal if we respect others
but as of now we're on complete disarray..
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28 / F / Underneath your bed
Posted 7/26/11
No, we're not equal. There are people in many different countries worldwide that suffer from discrimination and persecution because they are a minority. Women, Children, Blacks, Asians, LGBT, various religious groups are just some of the many groups that do not get treated equally.
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25 / M / Philippines
Posted 9/30/11 one is equal to another person. What the saying all men are equal refers to the concept that everyone is equal as a whole and anyone could affect everyone in a way significant or not.
Posted 9/30/11
LMAO hell no. The one with money always over power the poor. Say a person is on SSI or the hardcore fucking welfare...
People will look at them and judge them of course.
So basically it's like this...

Poor and the Rich....
Male and female...
Gay's and straight...
Black and white.... one is equal, the world blows but it's home<3
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32 / M / Wisconsin
Posted 9/12/11
"All men…are NOT created equal! Some are born smarter, or more beautiful, or with parents of greater status. Some, by contrast, are born weak of body or mind, or with few, if any, talents. All men are different! Yes, the very existence of man is discriminatory! That's why there is war, violence and unrest. Inequality is not evil. Equality is!"

My own take is when equality is spoken of in a political context, it means that we are equal in terms of having the same rights and duties in the eyes of the law. Though this of course does not exist in practice, the theory remains in place for most representative democracies.
Posted 9/16/11
No, that will never happen. People are ignorant, we will never achieve something that is this general. General things, they're not the easiest to accomplish. Nonetheless, in the constitution of the United States, "all men are created equally"; think about who the men are.
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35 / M / I'm around
Posted 10/1/11
The US Constitution states that men are created equal because saying "we'd like for all men to be treated equal one day" wouldn't have the same effect. Martin Luther King Jr had a dream, not a statement. Equality is an ideal that changes with every generation. Feminists in the 1800s would be appalled by modern women. And I personally believe black slaves from the 1800s would likewise be ashamed of large sections of the modern African American community.

Prejudicial behavior is both genetic and taught. For example, all humans are genetically disposed to have a fear response to spiders, but men are generally taught early on to respond to that by killing the spider. Women generally aren't taught this proactive behavior, but they can, as with any fear response, overcome the response through will and/or maturity. The point is that both have the same basic, initial response to seeing a spider. From there, personality determines the outcome. It is the same with prejudicial behavior.

When you see someone you've never met, you share the same initial response with all humans. We're social creatures, so the first moment you see someone you don't recognize, your brain goes overdrive trying to place that person into context. Anyone who enjoys people watching will know how tiring it can be just watching people for a couple hours. Your brain is analyzing every person you see for signs of danger, familiarity, and even for mating purposes.

From there, your personality defines how you respond to this person. People with high prejudicial backgrounds will first define the person's context by their prejudices. A lonely person might categorize by likelihood of friendship. A horny person is pretty easy to guess. When you layer these together the other degrees of personality and context, it's a pretty complex map to follow.

If you were raised in a highly racist environment, it will be hard to fight these tendencies because they are ingrained in your social personality in the same way that people who almost drown as children will have life-long fear of water. These things make physical pathways in the brain that will never be completely broken, only compensated for with maturity and work. A great example of how people can hate, prejudice, and yet respect each other is the WW2 vets from US and Japan.

To tl;dr that: prejudice isn't a race, gender, or class issue. It's a biological issue that will never disappear as long as we're complex, social creatures. Everyone one of you has prejudices, and if you care to surpass them, you must be aware that you have them and why you have them.

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33 / M / Seattle Wa
Posted 9/22/11
Everyone is equal in death . When you enter this world you come in as you are and when you leave it you leave by yourself.

No matter what everyone, regardless of race, sex, social status, or any other qualifier will finish their lives and anything they have accumulated doesn't take it with them.

Now that the stupid philisophical portion is out of the way as far as the "all men are created equal" everyone starts out as a sperm and an egg. what we do and what happens after that point is what seperates everyone. Personally I believe that at a young age you can be whatever you want if you apply yourself but the various factors in your life (social status, race, nature, nurture) will determine a persons status and how much more or less worth they are. Some people can come from the loweliest backgrounds and bring themselves up to rise above the majority of people through their own nature/perseverence. While others can be born with high social status they can have external factors bring themselves to the rock bottom and ultimately be the trash on the street.

While the first example to me seems to have a lower chance of occurance it does happen. People determine where they stand socially and how "worth it" they are.

While I believe everyone starts out and ends equal, the time that a person is born to the time they die they will struggle with being different and to make their own mark on the world however big or small. I don't want to be equal to everyone else, I want to be different and that means I don't care about equality. While some people wish to be equal to others it is a dream some people have that will never happen.
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21 / M / England
Posted 10/9/11
I don't think everyone is equal, you can inspect DNA and decide who is genetically superior to who.
But I believe everyone should be given the same opportunities. Whether they take them up or are able to make use of them is up to them.
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