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Are we all truly equal?
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25 / F / California
Posted 10/10/11
No we are not truly equal in health and social standing, but we should because that would bring up respect.

but gentically speaking yes we are equal, we may look different, but "we are 99.99% similar/ identical."
-National Geographic , The Genographic Project
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83 / F / Bite the pillow.
Posted 10/11/11 , edited 10/11/11

Pacarus wrote:

Are we all truly equal?

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26 / M / Somewhere.... per...
Posted 10/12/11
FUCK!!!! NO!!!!
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Posted 11/11/11
Ofcourse not.

As you grow older, you will realise the differences in each other.

But what you lack, you can make up with hard work.

Ultimately, what separates the winner to the loser is his conviction to win.
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Posted 8/23/12
people are not born equal-this is strictally due to dissese.

when a persone grows up they can grow to be amazing or they could turn out to be a drunk.
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29 / F / UK/Japan
Posted 9/5/12
People are not equal, make yourself on top
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27 / M / Within the remnan...
Posted 9/6/12
there has never and will never be an equality in the world. it doesn't work that way, there must be a hierarchy of some sort for things to be done properly. leadership must be shown for the sole reason that people gather around great men. it had always been the case in history. and this is needed for the survival of men. we aren't a powerful, all knowing beings, we are fragile, and we are flawed in our way of thinking to some degree, we all have biases that will prevent us to go any further on our own. for the sake of humanity we need to stand as one, and that means that there must be one leading us. i think this is a necessary inequality, however, another kind of inequality should be lessened even if it is another corner stone of being. money is both a factor in driving us apart and unifying us. it is a paradox that often complicates relationships between men, and nations alike. it highlights just how unequal some of us are, poor, middle class and rich. this division is just as needed for it forms a system that the world works on. the lower class tend to work the jobs that require less education, and the higher class take on jobs that require more education. since they have more luxury and time to learn, it only makes sense. at some point though there has to be a line drawn, where the gap doesn't become to large, where the poor don't get left behind. but i think im a little off topic now... no there is no equality in the world, and that is how it should be.
Posted 9/14/12
I wish we were all equal, so we could level the playing field.
Posted 9/15/12
"Are we all truly equal? I believe that we are all born equal, but do you believe that all adults are equal on this planet? Just curious about what others think on the subject because that question has recently come up in my life."

In this world and the current system, no, not all are truly equal. There is oppression, there is strife, there are arguments, racism, sexism, all forms of inequality that one can probably see in the world at some point, every day.

As for me, everyone is equal, from the poorest of the poor to the richest of the rich, from the most vile to the most loving. No matter what your background or disposition is, I ought to treat you as I would any other person. Note the "ought": at times even I get caught up in the system, but then I snap out of it.
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26 / Canada
Posted 9/16/12
No one is equal, but no one is better than others, just different.
just a question of perception again.
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