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Posted 9/19/10 , edited 4/24/11
If you post your Birth date here, and then the day comes, you'll be the member of the day! You'll also receive gifts!!! <3
So don't be shy to post your birthday here!

Birth Dates

February 17th= yoshiemew

March 1st= J-J3LL08D

April 7th= knives69

April 8th= katie-deidaraxD

May 25th= anime-lover363

June 15th= 2magicgirl

July 21st= AkudakiSasayaki

August 21st= littledevil90239

November 9th= p1nkr0cksh00ter09

November 26th= vampirekairi360

(In order from which month comes first)
Posted 9/19/10
my name looks cool here
Posted 9/19/10
lol hahaha mine is cooler >:P No wait I hate the name DawnAndAshForever -.-
Posted 9/19/10 , edited 9/19/10
hahah so mine became the cooler again >:P
Posted 9/19/10
Darn it >.< lol
Posted 9/19/10
what do u mean O.o?!
Posted 9/19/10
-.- I said "Darn it" 'cause you won =.=
Posted 9/19/10
woooooooooooooooooooow O.O finally >:DD *evil smile*
Posted 9/19/10
That's the only time you'll win
Posted 9/19/10
lol my name looks so simple and dull from you guy's names!!! ><
Posted 9/19/10
No it doesn't -.- AT LEAST IT'S NORMAL!!! D:< I hate my username T.T
Posted 9/20/10
DawnAndAshForever?! what are you talking about lololol the name's too wicked
Posted 9/20/10
Wicked? -.- The characters Dawn and Ash are from POKEMON!! =___= How is that wicked? D:
Posted 9/30/10
o.o really? OH i forgot all about them -.- but still it's wicked no matter what
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Posted 10/10/10
April 7th
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