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Posted 9/20/10 , edited 9/20/10

A NOTE FROM THE CREATOR (DawnAndAshForever): If you take one of these quizzes, and you get a result you don't like, that doesn't mean you have to be that result. You can be whatever you want to be in this group. Remember, this forum was only made for fun.
Posted 9/20/10
i've got demon >:P ...

You're a Demon. Full fledged. You don't really care about anyone else but yourself/your lover[crush] . If you have a soft spot AT ALL you do a good job at hiding it. See we demons are very practical creatures and we will fight for what is ours and what/who we love to the death. You're just like me [sorta]
Posted 9/20/10
i got..human ?
Posted 9/20/10
2.Demon or Half Demon
3.An Angel of Youth

Wow...I really am a Mixed Soul o.O And Katie: LOL XD
Posted 9/20/10
hahahh let's say a human angel
Posted 9/20/10
lol haha xD
Posted 9/23/10
haha liked what u wrote up there
Posted 9/23/10
Thank you thank you BUT HOW IS THAT LIKABLE!?!?!? XD Oh wait because in one I got Demon =____= lol
Posted 9/23/10
Oh wait you mean my note?
Posted 9/30/10
human angel? LOL, is that possible ? i'll just stick with angel xD
Posted 10/13/10
Half Human Half Angel Katie? LOL
Posted 10/15/10
oh i guess o-o i prefer angels tho o3o
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30 / M / Arkham asylum a.k...
Posted 10/18/10
1. demon
2. Half angel and half demon
3. Angel of destruction (a.k.a. demon)

Who would have ever guessed I was a demon hahahaha
Posted 10/18/10
hhahah lol good job demon partner >8P
Posted 10/18/10
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