why are/do zelda fans nagging/nag?
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Im very excited about the upcoming Legend of Zelda game coming out soon, and im immediately buying it as soon as its out I cant wait to play it!

! but what I dont like? im getting tired of people bitching and making "I want Twilight Princess Graphics" or "it looks to kiddy!" comments -_- it makes me mad because it seems people are only downing the game because they expect mature and dark graphics!, its like they expect another Twilight Princess, dont get me wrong, I love TP but I like it when LOZ games are unique in there own way. I just dont see why graphics should matter so much =P

heres the trailer, personally I think the graphics look amazing and I have no problem with the toony graphics on Windwaker either

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I could've sworn I saw a thread like this. but oh well.

I saw the trailer before, I don't mind the game, it looks fun. I wish it wasn't on Wii though.
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well it depends i am a huge Zelda fan and there are only 2 games in the series that I hate. one is the old nes squeal Zelda 2 the adventure of link and the second one is major's mask for my own reasons. I am happy for the fact that the Wii is getting a second Zelda game it has been 4 years since the last one after all... on a major console that is.
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I never really care about graphics so I was never upset over the Wind Waker art style and am fine with this new style as well. The world of the Wind Waker was very vibrant and rich looking due to the style so I actually liked it a lot. Spirit Tracks for DS is the only one I dislike and will never replay and its certainly not because of its graphics.
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It looks like it's going to be a good game to me regardless of the graphics. I personally was just a little confused by the change in graphical style.
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Anyone, feel free to recreate this topic as your own.
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