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is it true that if you're looking for a relationship it doesn't come true, but if you're not looking, it happens?
Posted 12/16/11
dnt have the experience xDD
Posted 12/16/11 , edited 12/16/11
I've always applied relativity to it. It feels easier to find stuff when you're not looking for it, but that's just your own mind telling you.

There are many possible occurrences as well:

- you look desperately; that scares away most girls and boys.
- you just show that you're interested; it will definitely attract short term relationships.
- you are uninterested; a bunch of girls will try, but they're not good enough to move you. You either die single this way or find your special one.

Exceptions and additions apply, but that's how I generally see it.
Posted 12/16/11
well it's true for me. i think it doesn't happen when you're looking because you expec it right then and there, and u want too much at a certain time (like you want someone to hug and kiss and take to bed) and that's just not what ur gonna get all of a sudden. but then when you stop looking, you stop expecting...and it's fun to have something so unexpected happen. so for me, this is true. dunno bout the rest of ya. heh...
Posted 12/31/11
No, you're just not looking for the right person.
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