Naruto Sub (fail)
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Posted 9/26/10
On multiple Naruto Shippuden there are many mistakes in the subs, it get's pretty annoying knowing that people pay for this and get low quality typo/un-edited subs.

one example I can find/remember is Naruto Shippuden Episode 51:Reunion around 19:58 Sasuke says "With by older brother"

This isn't the first time I've seen a grammatical error and it is indeed distracting to the show. I'll post more Episodes, and times if/when I come across more errors.
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Posted 9/26/10 , edited 9/26/10
Thanks for the report. For future reference, you can submit a bugreport when you see this happen. That way, the appropriate staff member can be notified and fix the subtitles.
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