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Posted 9/30/10 , edited 9/30/10
As the user button is gone we can not find any new people, is there anyway to find people again such as seing people's recently updated profiles, that way i was able to meet many amazing friends here, now i can't hardly make or find any nice friends

Posted 9/30/10
I don't know why the user page was removed. I don't think he gave an explanation on why. =T

You can always check out the Introduce yourself Thread to find old & new members to add. Or meet people on some of the groups here. :/
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Posted 6/28/12 , edited 7/11/15
Well if you know the person's user name you can just go to your profile. Delete your user name from the url such as

just add the friend's user name at the end.

That's how I've been doing it ^-^
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Posted 1/21/13
OP nuked closed
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