「W G D 」Introduce Yourself
Posted 10/2/10
Fill this :DD
Username :
Real/CR Name :
Nickname :
Likes :
Dislikes :
Favorite Anime :
Favorite Manga :
Other :
Posted 10/2/10
Username : olivey
Real/CR Name : Olivia
Nickname : Oliv
Likes : School without homeworks and exams :DD
Favorite Anime : Naruto ,Bleach ,One Piece, Eyeshield 21
Favorite Manga : Watashi ni xx Shinasai, Suki desu Suzuki-kun!
Other : i always eat when i'm bored XDD Twitter (:
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22 / F / Irena's Ping Pong...
Posted 10/3/10
Username : Kuriyomi
Real/CR Name : Rosii
Nickname : Rosii
Likes : uhh bubble tea eggrolls manga graphics youtube kpop
Dislikes : hm. . . . pessimists x_x
Favorite Anime : inuyasha
Favorite Manga : All of them <3
Other: i am addicted to this korean song, you should listen to it
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F / (: ILY BOY
Posted 10/6/10
Username : Yunaxx
Real/CR Name : Yuna Chan
Nickname : Yuna
Likes : dramas, kpop, music, graphics, photoshop,
Dislikes : snakes, any types of insects, girls with the worst personality
Favorite Anime : full moon ^^
Favorite Manga : full moon ^^
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Between reality a...
Posted 10/10/10
Username : InnocentJuppie
CR Name : Juppie
Nickname : Pie-chan, Ju-chan, Dach, Dachy, Yaken, Seal
Likes : Flowers, the sky, the ocean, books, video games, drawing, taking photographs, food, anything shiny, stuffed animals
Dislikes : Bad smells, sickness, people who are quick to judge others without knowing them
Favorite Anime : Ouran High School Host Club, Special A, Fate Stay Night, Eureka Seven
Favorite Manga : The Gentlemen's Alliance Cross, Skip Beat, Zodiac P.I.
Other : If you hear an inspiring quote, let me know (:
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