Photoshop & Gimp tutorials
Posted 10/2/10 , edited 10/2/10

Hi there members of 'VGX' my name is Liz known as Hayato.
I'll be doing tutorials on Photoshop & Gimp.
The systems I have are Photoshop CS3 & Gimp 2.6
Sorry if I don't have your versions, but I don't really think they make a difference, cause most versions have the same essential features.

Well I'll try and make a tutorial every week, and if I'm not lazy, I'll make one every other day. (which will be rare .__. yeh, I'm VERY lazy..)
Please read the rules before doing anything. Okay? Thanks.

Rules of conduct:

- Please tell me if you used one of my tutorials! & show me what you've done! :DD
- Please don't flame/bash/ect. me
- No quoting in this forum
- Any suggestions, please PM me
- Absolutely NO chatting in this forum
- Do not pass on as your own tutorial, but you can suggest this forum to others
- All common sense rules apply
- Don't do anything in here that isn't aloud on CR
- MODS can add their own tutorials too, but remember to add copyrights so no one steals it!!

Thanks for reading, enjoy the tutorials! (or at least when they're up XD)
Posted 10/2/10
How to make an easy hue/saturation on Photoshop


Step 1:
Select image > mode > lab color

Step 2:
Select image > apply image

Step 3:
Channel: Lightness
Blending: Soft Light
Opacity: 75% (or anyone you choose but 75 works best most the time)

Step 4:
Select image > RGB Color

Step 5:
Select file > save as

Step 6:
Save as .png format for best quality
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