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Posted 10/5/10
Posted 10/7/10
Ai~chan walked into the school. she adjusted her unifrom. pullin the skirt up higher untuckin her shirt and loosin the tie* mm why do these uniforms have to be so nunish *she stuck out her tongue and then let her hair down*
Posted 1/29/11
I walk with Daisuke and Hartaru "Why do these Uniform always have so much of a small skirt!?" I yell "Ahh! I hate these turtle necks!" Hartaru yells "Whats wrong with my shy eye!?!" Daisuke says "And mine too! and I hate how I have to put my hair in a bun becouse its so long!! And the bon is note staying!!" I yell. "Ahh-ahh-ah! You ant have those Eyepatches." A teacher says "FIne." We say taking off our eye patches and we put them in our bag "Why do you three have a red eye than a green?" The teacher asks "We were born that way." I say as we walk by "Humm... a group of two boys and a girl.." The teacher says as we enter class
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