Top 5 Most Epic Naruto Battles
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Posted 10/6/10
Hello everyone! Rikun85 here, and I have an interesting proposition for all of you Naruto fans out there.

Crunchyroll's newsletter wants to put up a series of Top 5 Most Epic Naruto Battles, but the trouble is that there are so many battles to choose from that frankly we don't know where to start. So now we want to reach out to you guys and find out what battles YOU think should be on this list.

All you have to do is reply to this list with what you think is the most epic battle in all of Naruto, original or Shippuden and a description why. Based on what everyone says MUST be in this list we'll be able to create a Top 5 that hopefully everyone can agree with.

So what are you waiting for? List here what battles should be on this list and why. Your suggestion might very well end up as one of Crunchyroll's official picks!
Posted 10/6/10
1. Itachi VS Sasuke (Super sad though T.T)
2. Naruto VS Pein
3. Jiraiya VS Pein
4. Sakura And Chiyo VS Sasori
5. Naruto VS Sasuke
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Posted 10/6/10
From what I've seen so far

Kakashi vs. Zabuza
3rd Hokage vs. Orochimaru
Naruto vs. Gaara
Tsunade vs. Orochimaru (loved the way she beat him)
Naruto vs. Sasuke

Honestly, I find the battles in the first Naruto more energetic compared to Shipuudden (sorry).
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Posted 10/6/10 , edited 10/6/10
Naruto vs Pain hands down. Well, the whole Pain arc fights
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Posted 10/7/10
no Naruto threads in the main forums, please
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