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Celebrate Naruto's birthday with a free membership
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28 / F / The BEST place in...
Posted 10/7/10 , edited 10/8/10
UPDATE: The promotional link to take advantage of Naruto's gift to you will be made live at midnight PDT, which is in just a few hours. When live, please click here to get your free 30-day membership!

Hey guys,

As most of you probably know, Naruto's birthday is this Sunday, October 10th and in order to celebrate, we thought it would be nice to tell Naruto the Top TEN things you like about him since his birthday this year is on 10/10/10. Since it's his birthday, he will be be giving everyone a present: FREE 30-day anime membership!!! There couldn't be a better time to have a premium membership with all these new simulcasts that just launched.

However, this offer is only valid to first-timers who have never taken advantage of what premium membership has to offer. If you have premium membership, you know the advantage of no commercial breaks, up to 720p for most shows, and EARLY access to all simulcasts. So, if you've never signed up before, take advantage of this before it's over.

Offer Valid: 10/9 @ midnight - 10/11 @ midnight

We really want to hear the Top TEN things you love about Naruto so please post them! Happy Birthday Naruto!

*This offer is only available to FIRST time premium membership users
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29 / F / Chicago, IL
Posted 10/7/10
1. hes hot
2. hes hot
3. hes hot
4. hes hot
5. hes hot
6. hes hot
7. hes hot
8. hes hot
9. hes hot
10. hes hot xD
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Posted 10/7/10
eh really cool!
#1 i think that i love how he never gives up
#2 how he always protect his friends
#3 how that he was strong when everyone hated him
#4 love how funny he is "harem jutsu!" lol
#5 love how hes such a @$$ kicker XD
#6 its funny when u see him drive other character nuts
#7 when hes trying to be cool but only making a fool out of himself lol
#8 and how hes always trying to compete with sauske and now sai
#9 one of the most awesome anime character ever!
#10 and etc XD
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24 / M
Posted 10/7/10
1.hes funny
2.hes funny
3.hes funny
4.hes funny
5.hes funny
6.hes funny
6.hes funny
7.hes funny
8.hes funny
9.hes funny
10.hes very very funny
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Posted 10/7/10
too bad i already membership >.<;
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Posted 10/7/10
what about if you literally JUST, not 10 hours ago signed up for the trial?
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24 / F / Sydney, Australia
Posted 10/7/10
1) He's a funny guy
2) he works very hard for what he wanted to get
3) he is independent
4) he never gives up
5) he has his own ways to solve problems
6) he always believe in someone close to him
7) he treat everyone as the same despite their attitudes towards him
8) he is strong physically; he learnt/ got quite number of jutsus from his trainings
9) he is also strong mentally; he's able to withstand everyone's hatred toward him before
10) he is a wonderful and loyal friend
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27 / M
Posted 10/7/10
lol good thing i decided not to try out the free trail just yet. =P
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21 / F / Destiny Island
Posted 10/7/10 , edited 10/7/10

1. hes cute
2. hes hot
3. hes kind
4. hes funny
5. he pretects his friends and helps them at times of need
6. hes a lil silly..xDD
7. hes AWESOME!!!
8. he never gives up
9. hes very strong
10. hes got a cool kyubi and can controll him..
xDDD...hows that 4 10 things...xDD

i really want that membership

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21 / M
Posted 10/7/10 , edited 10/7/10
1.he never gives up
2.he cares about his friends more then anything
3.he will risk his live to save a friend who tryed to kill him multiple times
4.he never loses his light
5.when ever a chalenge faces him he faces it will all hes got
6.even when people hated him he kept fighting
7.even when someone doas something very bad he forgives them and looks into there hearts first he was weak but he strived to be strong and look ay him now times hes dumb but realy hes smart
10.he is pretty funny at the begining but he shaped up the 2nd part to save his friend.
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35 / M / Sacramento CA
Posted 10/7/10
1. One Cool Nucklehead.
2. Great future Hohage.
3. Great team member
4. perfect match for sakara
5. childish in a cool way
6. Hero of the leaf village.
7. awsome.
8. easy going
9. strong willed
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Posted 10/7/10
1. Hes a Orphan
2. Hes Thick Headed
3 He never gives up
4 he defends the weak
5 he has cool ninja gear
6 He made friends with even Gaara
7 He likes Ramen
8 He gets to hangout with Sakura
9 His chakra Control is awesome
10 He can do Sexy no Jutsu
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41 / M / charleston, s.c.
Posted 10/7/10
My birthday is Saturday I wonder if he would hang out with me maybe eat some cake throw back some nice sake, wait he's under age , anyway happy b-day Naruto-kun.
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34 / F / Everywhere
Posted 10/7/10
1. He's keeps trying
2. He has a since of humor
3. dosent see the negative side of things to often
4. even with his past he didn't turn EMO
5. Strong willed
6. Awesome in the ways of TEAM work
7. Not all there at first but always pulls through
8. feels for others before himself
9. caring
10. He is true to who he is!!
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F / my own little wor...
Posted 10/7/10
1. his determination
2. hes funny
3. he never gives up
3. he wont break promise to sakura
4. if he fails he does it again and again until he succeeds
5. he makes a lot of friends by trying even if he has the kuybi inside of him
6. he has earned the villages respect, finally
7. at first hes really dumb, but now hes smarter
8. he never gave up his dream
9. he learned a lot of new things during his training
10. he defected pain
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