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Celebrate Naruto's birthday with a free membership
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M / Clan's Village
Posted 10/7/10
Lol happy early b-day naruto!!! xD

1.he never gives up
2.he's cool
3.he's a quick learner at times
4.he likes ramen!
5.he fast at eating rame
6.he's gonna be the next hokage
7.his b-day is coming up
8.he's gonna be like 17 i think
9.he has awesome master lol
10.he's a great person overall!
Posted 10/7/10
1. determination.
2. idiocy (hes funny)
3. never say never.
4. he's a guy we can trust.
5. he loves ramen
6. his sexy jutsu attack
7. hes quite smart now
8. made loads of friends and respect
9. never gave up his dreams
10. love his rasengan
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26 / F
Posted 10/7/10
1. his sense of humour
2. how he's a really great friend
3. how he never gives up
4. how he looks on the brighter side of things
5. he's strong willed
6. he never looks down on his friends or his enemies
7. how his name is a type of food
8. he can turn the good into the bad
9. how he earned the respect from errone from the village knowing that he is the kyuubi
10. he puts his friends and family first before himself

That's all i can think of at the moment
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21 / F / UK
Posted 10/7/10

2) Determind >D
3) Love all his new jutsu he gets through the show xD
4) HE likes RAMEN!! (FTW xD)
5) Awesome~ co he defeated many strong peoples like itachi and pain 8) in style~
6) Cute~
7) Protects his friends with his life \O/
8) treats everyone eqaully xD
9) Strong~
10) Makes epic fail whenhe tries to act great and all xDD
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43 / M / Billings,Montana
Posted 10/7/10
I already have a member so you people enjoy. I hope that whoever wins enjoys their premium membership and keeps it going. Long Live Crunchyroll.
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20 / M / Aincrad-NJ
Posted 10/7/10
1. He thinks he will become Hokage one day. Wait.... He know he will become Hokage one day.
2. He's cool.
3. Hes clumsy
4. Naruto has awesome moves like Rasen Shuriken!!
5. He defeated Pain
6. He learned how to become Sage Mode
7. Naruto is now stronger than anyone else
8. He inherited the will of Fire!
9. I love him!!
10. He has no parents.
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26 / M / MX
Posted 10/7/10
1. he always be there for you!
2. hes crazy
3. he never back down
3. he don't break their promises
4. hes friendly
5. he have a Dream (Be Hokage)
6. he want the best for Konoha
7.He want to help Sasuke (his friend)
8. he have a Big Heart
9. hes Strong
10.his hair
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26 / M / Missouri, United...
Posted 10/7/10
Aw, I've already had a membership in the past.
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118 / F / behind u, stalker >D
Posted 10/7/10
10 great things about him:

1. Stubborn
2. Cheerful
3. Compassionate
4. Warmhearted
5. Understanding
5. Strong
6. He loves Ramen (: yum
7. Cute
8. Always smiling
9. Funny ;D
10. Friendly
Posted 10/7/10 , edited 10/7/10
Aww one of my favorite character's birthday <3

1. He would be an awesome Hokage.
2. He's adorable and super lovable :D
4. He actually cares about people unlike that Sasuke <_<
5. He was already cooler than Sasuke the very beginning >:P
6. He is suuuuuper strong! (He beat one of the most powerful villains)
7. He loves eating just like me lol
8. He's very helpful when it comes to advice (Sometimes lol)
9. He has a very cool monster inside him >:P
10. And even though Sasuke's a jerk and a traitor, Naruto STILL cares about him and actually intends to save him :)

I can think of a million more, but sadly, it's only 10 reasons why he's so awesome T__T lol

By the way, Happy Birthday Hokage Naruto
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23 / M
Posted 10/7/10
1. his sage mode is awesome
2. his rasengan is awesome
3. his rasenshuriken is Beyond cool
4. he is awesome at talking and making funny scenes
5. he defeated pain someone jiraiya couldn't defeat
6. his hair is cool its like a super saiyan
7. his clothes are cool
8. his sexy jutsu is funny
9. he was really dumb at first now he is better
10. he wont break promise to sakura

happy birthday naruto.
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32 / F / Brazil
Posted 10/7/10
1) they way he deals with friendship. (he is always true to his friends no matter what, that's something that i'll always admire in someone.)

2) his willpower.( it always inspire me to fight harder)

3) he doesn't know how to be depressed, he is always fighting against it. (Cause he knows that sulking won't help him.)

4) his stubbornness (it doesn't matter to him if you say that something is impossible, he will never agree with you)

5) his intelligence (it's not an usual intelligence like a genius or a nerd, it's more like he thinks with his heart first and that is a real and authentic way to be smart.)

6) he inspire others to be better.

7) he's not afraid to say something dumb.

8) he consider the suffering of people, and thats how he can relate with them and it doesn't matter if it's someone he just met.

9) his impatience for something good to happen, for a better future and never lloking back. i think it keeps him full of life all the time

10) the way he inspire me to be more like him, more loyal, more stubborn to fight for what want in my life, less depressed about things that had hurt me in the past and to value my friends no matter what happens.

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22 / F / Earth.
Posted 10/7/10
well, most of it were already mentioned, so i may not have anything new

but bear with me

1. Cheerful
2. Helpful
3. weird as in different.
4. he's the smile of this show.
5. Dumb , and smart in his very own ways.( yes, that is indeed something to be proud of.)
6. Spirited.
7. and who doesn't like his i-just-broke-out-of-jail outfit? :D
8. he never knows how to give up.
9. he doesn't go back with his word.
10. he has an awesome father. in both abilities & looks. 8D

happy birthday naruto. ;D
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20 / F / Earth.
Posted 10/7/10
1. he never gives up
2. he eats ramen
3. he's funny
4. he's has his moments
5. big smile
6. determination
7. powerful rasengan
8. he's a future hokage XD
9. protects his companions
10. he trains hard

Happy Birthday Naruto~
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32 / M
Posted 10/7/10
1. Hes cool
2. Hes awesome
3. Hes funny
4. He never gives up.
5. He has a good heart.
6. He makes me say"Wuuuuhuuuuu" xDD
7. He teaches me good lessons about never giving up xP
8. Hes the best anime character in Naruto and Other Animes
9. Hes amazing.
10. The best anime for life and i will never stop watching naruto cause hes supeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeer! xDD
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