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27 / F / Riverdale, GA
Posted 10/9/10
1. He never gives up.
2. He always looks out for his freinds. (Even if don't deserve it.....)
3. Orange is the new black.
4. He's hot. :P
5. He's crazy funny.
6. He's stubborn as hell.
7. He's actually kind of sweet.
8. He's managed to not let the whole 'i've got a deadly weapon of mass destruction sealed in me' thing get to him much.
9. He's a good freind.
10. He's a ninja.
Posted 10/9/10

1. Strong
2. Never Gives Up
3. Funny
4. Silly
5. Doesn't Give Up on his dream
6. Smart
7. Determined
8. Cool
9. A Hero
10. Protects his friends

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29 / F / Texas
Posted 10/9/10
I already have a CrunchyRoll premium account. ^^;; Oh well.

Happy Birthday, Naruto!
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25 / F / Uk, devon
Posted 10/9/10
happy bday naruto =]
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Posted 10/9/10
1.) He does not give up
2.) He loves his comrades
3.) He is willing to die for his loved ones and country
4.) He is loyal
5.) He is persevering
6.) He likes ramen as much as I do, if not more!
7.) He can make a lot of shadow clones
8.) He is named after food!
9.) He is the 4th Hokage's son
10.) He can summon the toads
Posted 10/9/10 , edited 10/9/10
Happy Birthday, Naruto!
Only 10? I could go on for ages
1) He's a ninja (c'mon, they're always awesome)
2) His endless determination to protect everything he cares about
3) His loyalty to his friends and village
4) How he drives everyone around him crazy
5) Even through all the hardships he's faced, he gets up every time he's knocked down
6) He owns, a lot
7) He's way too stubborn, but it's the good kind
8) He's sweet <3
9) He grew up without the love of his parents, but never treats anyone badly
10) Always willing to give second chances
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25 / M / In fields searchi...
Posted 10/9/10
1) He a hard working
2) He'll do anything to be hokage
3) He belive within himself
4) He never gives up
5) He a Good friend

6) He help anyone problems
7) He doesnt haste
8) He got a good heart
9) He maybe a knucklehead ninja , but he train hardest
10) He overcome Obstacle to win it

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21 / F / Wherever 東方神起 (TV...
Posted 10/9/10
-___- I DONT HAVE A CREDIT CARD. Pshh gosh. I swear <.< "For everyone" Pleasee
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27 / F
Posted 10/9/10
10 things i like about naruto

he is funny
he is very cute
he is very strong
he work very hard
he is friendly
he is loyal
he is a good best friends
he is love ramen
he never give up
he is konoha ninja <3
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24 / M / IkeBukuro, Japan
Posted 10/9/10
2. Knuckleheaded
3. Never Say die attitude
4. Funny
5. Awesome
6. Always wanna be the best
7. Has the second strongest biju inside him
8. Very Unpredictable
9. Hates thinking and loves taking action
10. Just plain epic!!!!

All the characteristics like me.........except #7 but who wouldn't die to have the Kyuubi in them?!!
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24 / F / Suburbia
Posted 10/9/10
1) He's dedicated
2)He's determined
3)He's Adorable
4)He's hilarious
5)He's the sixth hokage!!!!!!
6)He's was friends with Jiraiya
7)He's loyal
8)He's a shinobi
9)He's mad hot
10)He's really fit
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22 / M
Posted 10/9/10
1-10 hes the greates ninja who can over come anything
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Posted 10/9/10
1. he doesnt give up D;
2. hes hilarious xD
4. mm orange<3
5. hes the 4th hokages son >_>..
6. hes jiraiya's student >_>..
7. hes retarded :')
8. hes powerful ;3;
9. like, rly powerful ;3;
10. aaaaand HES OSM~ :D

Posted 10/9/10
1. the way he says "dattebayo"
2. his determination to never give up
3. always having new moves
4. his looks
5. the way he would use the ninjutsu against jiraiya to make him blush
6. his facial expressions
7. his charisma-always making new friends
8. the way he never lets the show get boring
9. his strong feelings-when
were amazing
10. always bringing out a laugh
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30 / F / By a piano
Posted 10/9/10
1. First manga that I've ever read and got me hooked to manga in general.
2. He's hilarious.
3. He's still positive regardless of the crap that he went through.
4. He was nice to Gaara when he sound out how similar they were and really cared about him.
5. He never gives up.
6. Protects and cares for his new found family and friends regardless of what people say or do.
7. He's getting smarter.
8. He's nice to people.
9. He doesn't let people great him like crap.
10. His sexy jutsu is the funniest ninja move I ever seen and pretty damn clever. What guy wouldn't be distracted with a 100 sexy naked girls around him?
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