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22 / F / Canada
Posted 10/10/10
1.) He's funny
2.) He never gives up
3.) He's earn the respect of everyone
4.) He tries so hard (especially to bring back sasuke)
5.) He has awesome whiskers
6.) He has yellow hair. Not blonde. Yellow
7.) He trains so hard
8.) He eats a lot of ramen
9.) He has so many friends
10.) This year his birthday is 10/10/10
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Posted 10/10/10
1.he's cool
2. he never gives up
3.he's funny
3. all ways happy
4. he has eared everyone's repect
5. he is strong.
5. he wears orange
6. he is a goof ball
7. he like ramon
8. he is a good freinds
9. he does what he sayd he is going to go
10. he is a klutz
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24 / M / Bronx, NY
Posted 10/10/10
1.Naruto went from little bitch to fucking awesome sauce
2.Not only those he have rasengan he had diferent variation
3.Hes the son of minata (yondaime) the fourth.
4.his mom is a bad ass a former junchuriki
5.Jyraiya was his master
6.Kakashi is his teacher
7.All of akatsuki is after him
8.he gonna kill sasuke
9.he is the savior f the ninja world
10.the shows name is naruto.

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Posted 10/10/10
1. He's utterly naive.
2. His optimism is his best & most enviable asset.
3. No matter how MUCH he appears to be cool, I still think of him as cute & adorable ^^
4. His extreme loyalty & sincere love to friends.
5. His loud mouth that is inevitably accompanied with a childish manner & not-so-smart conscience.
6. His misinterpretation of Sai's attempts to be friends :D
7. He didn't blame the whole world for his suffering & tried to come to term with it.
8. His never-die determination to achieve all the idealistic things he set out to do.
9. He's a MAN of his words.
10. He deserves what he's earned and even more.

All in all, he's the biggest blockhead who grew up in a painstaking way yet never loses sight of his dreams & ideals.
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22 / M / sleep
Posted 10/10/10
1) he was dumb, suddenly he got smarter
2) he loves sakura
3) Doesn't give up!
4) Learned to control nine tail

5) he knows who his father is
6) he knows that some one loves him
7) he wants to get his friend Back to the village
8) hes a host of the bijjus
9) hes STRONG
10) Makes Friends easily
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28 / F / Puerto Rico
Posted 10/10/10
1. He's funny
2. He's an idiot
3. He never stops surprising me
4. His determination
5. He's able to make friends with everyone
6. He's caring
7. He can kick ass!
8. He has the respect of others
9. He's Konoha NINJA!
10. He instills hope into everyone
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20 / M
Posted 10/10/10
1. he is amazing
2. he is funny
3. he is powerful
4. he kicks butt
5. he is adorable
6. he looks cool
7. sick
8. looks AWESOME in 3 tails
9. never takes no as a answer
10. doesn't give up on his goals
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no where.
Posted 10/10/10

he is naruto.
he is strong.
he is determined.
he is true to friends.
he is loving.
he is sometimes annoying.
he is the nine tails.
he is funny.
he will be hokage.

Posted 10/10/10
1. He has a big heart.
2. Never gives up.
3. He dose his best.
4. He has a cool outfit.
5. He is very funny.
6. Quick learner.
7. He is the best ninja ever.
8. He cares other then himself.
9. He has the best lines.
10. Sexy no Jutsu Duh.
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Posted 10/10/10
Just for fun
1)He and I share same bday
2)we have alot in common
3)I too have a demon tailed fox in my body
4)He and I share same bday
5)we have alot in common
6)I too have a demon tailed fox in my body
7)He and I share same bday
8)we have alot in common
9)I too have a demon tailed fox in my body
10)My father was also a hokage
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24 / M
Posted 10/10/10
help, i tried to download the trial, but it said I need credit card info. I don't have a credit card, so I used paypal because i have a debit ard. It wouldn't let me enter my credit card trash and now I can't get it all becaue it's free and I need a credit card?!?!!?
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23 / F / La La Land
Posted 10/10/10
1: he never gives ups
2: he has amazing courage
3: he is able to forgive
4: he is determined
5 he is kind
6: he has a sense of humor
7: he cares for his friends
8: it never stopped his dream of becoming hokage when people called him a monster or brought him down
9: even though he isn't the smartest person he understands thing fast
10: he is strong
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24 / M / Texas
Posted 10/10/10
1). He never gives in
2). He can change peoples ways(Like Neji)
3). He can now control the Kyuubi
4). He shows progression
5). He always keeps with his promises(well he tries anyways)
6). He lets nothing stand in his way
7). He's carefree at times
8). He fights for the village
9). He can prove to people that nothing is impossible
10). He and I share the type of food
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21 / M
Posted 10/10/10
1. his awesome wind style ninjutsu (yeah you know what i'm talkin bout)
2. his funny-knuckle-headed-charm
3. his audacity
4. his always un-ninja like entrance
5. his overuse of the word "DATTEBAYO"
6. his dedication in opening Sasuke's eyes in the choices he's made
7. his annoyance towards Sakura at random times (comic relief) LOL
8. his 512 long -and still running- manga series!
9. his unfathomable spirit
10. his never ending love for everyone in his village!
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24 / F
Posted 10/10/10
1. He never gives up! (His "ninja-way")
2. He cares for his friends/teachers the most
3. He has the capability of being the next Hokage of Konoha
4. He's very funny
5. He's cute (;
6. He has the Will of Fire
7. Kept running towards his dream no matter what people said
8. He's super strong and strategic
9. Strong-willed
10. Plain awesomee!!

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