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Celebrate Naruto's birthday with a free membership
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26 / M / California
Posted 10/7/10
My birthday is on the same day! HA!
1. he has a lot of integrity
2. If he fails, nothing can stop him
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33 / F / Illinois
Posted 10/7/10 , edited 10/7/10
1. His strong will power
2. He never turns his back on a friend and/or comrade
3. His strong determination to get stronger
4. He is willing to do whatever it takes to bring Sasuke back.
5. When everyone in the village hated him, he never let it get him down.
6. He's a lovable idiot
7. He has proven that he can be smart while in battle
8. He never gives up.
9. He finally got to meet his father.
10. He has been able to change others for the better. (examples Neji and Pein)

Happy Birthday Naruto!!!
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37 / M
Posted 10/7/10
1.) He knows what he wants and goes for it.
2.) He's not afraid of failing.
3.) He's become the hero of his villiage
4.) He's following in his father's and sage's footsteps
5.) He never gives up
6.) He protects the village despite it not always caring for him.
7.) No matter how strong the enemy, he always finds a way to defeat them.
8.) Despite being betrayed by his friend Sasuke, he still cares deeply for him.
9.) He loves ramen.
10.) He's held true to his goals (of still wanting to become the hokage).
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20 / F
Posted 10/7/10
AwesS<3 Bawfffdaays NaruuToo;] LawFF yar:P
for meh, theres only TOP 1 for yar!
>>Ur ta main charactheR man;P<<

P.S. I lawffed Gaara<3 not yooh, but still, without u, there will be no one;O
PSTTTT!! loookinn' goood lately<3 winks*
LOL man, too bad sasuke's hotttER!
Cuz he shows his BODAAAYY< >;]


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27 / M
Posted 10/7/10
1. His annoyed faces
2. His silliness
3. His ditermination
3. His long term goals he never forgets
4. The way he treated jiraiya
5. His hair
6. He likes ramen!
7. He's usually a mellow guy
8. His random methods for everything
9. how much he eats
10. How he's so blunt
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27 / F
Posted 10/7/10
1. he's so cool
2.a very strong ninja
3.he never gives up
4.a humble person
5.he can do a perfect shadow clone
6.he has a cool dad
7.he was hinata's crush
8. he has a AWESOME chakra!
9.he's cooler that sasuke( no OFFEND)
10.and the last thing?! everyone LOVES him!
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23 / M / outside your wind...
Posted 10/7/10
1.he doesnt give up
2.he keeps his promises
3.he doesnt give a shit what people think about him
4. he wants to protect his friends
5.he loves hinata^^
6.over time he becomes smarter
7.hes determined
8.hes badass
9.he has a fucking monster in him o.o
10.hes cool
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21 / M / los angeles
Posted 10/7/10
1. hes cool
2.hes funny
6.never gives up
9.strategies a friend
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30 / F / United States
Posted 10/7/10
HAPPY BIRTHDAY , NARUTO!!! my bf became a big fan of YOU and ramen seriously...YOU ARE THE COOLEST NINJA EVER!!! we will always be your fans

1.) Never gives up
2.) Stole Sasuke's first kiss (accidentally)
3.) Helps others
4.) Fun to watch
5.) Slow, but he got
6.) Big smile
7.) Wants to be stronger than the 4th hokage/ wants to become a hokage so badddd which lead him to success
8.) Makes friends easily
9.) LOVE ramen

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28 / M / Louisville, KY
Posted 10/7/10
He's 17 now I think.
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27 / M / Whiteman AFB, MO
Posted 10/7/10
1. He never gives up. (just like everyone else has said lol)
2. He has great action scenes.
3. He likes ramen a lot, as do I.
4. He's funny.
5. He's dumb but everyone still likes him.
6. He has the ability to change people's hearts.
7. He trains really hard.
8. He loves doing filler episodes.
9. Kage Bunshin no Jutsu! (nuff said)
10. He strives to be Hokage.
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M / Norfolk
Posted 10/7/10
1.He's cool
2.He got nice hair
3.He's got an awesome father
4.He's a hero
4.He's powerful
5.He's funny
6.He can make friend with anybody
7.He kind
8.He loves to eat
9.He's awesome
10. He's a Ninja

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26 / M / 風の山
Posted 10/7/10
well he grew up with me for the past 5 years.
a valuable friend to cheer me up when im down.
he will always live on.
very encouraging
son of the 4rth hokage
strong willed
taught me alot
relates to me in some ways
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24 / M / Saint Cloud
Posted 10/7/10 , edited 10/7/10
What? No customer apreciation? taku...
He grows ability-wise a lot
he's funny
he likes ramen
there's 3
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30 / M / philippines
Posted 10/7/10 , edited 10/7/10
1. he's konoha's hero; protagonist
2.he has a kyubi inside (spoiler: in the manga he has taken the kyubi's chakra under control)
3. has cool & good jutsus: he knows rasengan at an early age, perfected the sexy jutsu, summons big toads, and produces massive kage bunshins
4. he has improved his childishness,learned from experiences and became more mature
5.he has a lot of humor and strong will (with his ninja way of not giving up)
6.he's a very very good friend that never breaks a promise, never leaves you, and never looses care for you
7. he has jiraya as his master, one of the sannins
8.his team jonin is kakashi, son of the white fang
9. he is the fourth hokage's , the leaf's yellow flash's son
10. he is a powerful sage who throws rasenshurikens and kills pain

truly a deserving hokage
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