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Posted 10/7/10
1. His Smile & He's cute xD
2. How he never knew Hinata loved him xD UNTIL now lol.
3. Doesn't give up.
4. "Dattebayo!"
5. He stays the same and is always childish.
6. Loves his friends. (EX: Sasuke lol)
7. He strives for what he wants, and gets it almost always. YES I do believe he's gonna be Hokage! :P
8. Has respect for other people, so he gets respect back from most people now.
9. Never emo, gives reason, and is positive.
10. He is really powerful, but is caring.
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25 / F / Farmersville, Cal...
Posted 10/7/10
1. He's the 4th Hokage's son
2. His determination
3. He doesn't break promises
4. He's the village's idiot, that kick butt
5. He was trained by Sanin/Pervy/Toad Sage Jeriyah
6. He never gives up
7. He has the Kuybi inside of him
8.Is a hero to his village
9. Has sworn to kill/ defeat Sasuke, no matter if he has to take his own life
10. All of the above, duh
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21 / F / Los Angeles, Korea
Posted 10/7/10 , edited 10/10/10
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26 / M / Somewhere on plan...
Posted 10/7/10
Naruto is a really cool guy! Here is my list
1. His distraction (sexy) jutsu
2. Great determination
3. Quick thinking skills
4. Cheap thinking skills
5. His lame, yet funny jokes
6. Outrageous chakra that maxes out everyone else's
7. Crush on Sakura
8. Awesome Ramen eater (like me)
9. His hate/longing for Sasuke (both cuz they're friends XD it's a friendship thing)
10. Hits people when he trying to make a point lmao
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29 / M / Tallahassee, Florida
Posted 10/7/10 , edited 10/7/10
1) Ninjas
2) He believes it
3) I believe it
4) Dattebayo
5) Sasuke finally got what was coming to him
6) Oh he's not dead yet? Well I have something to look forward to then.
7) Are there any pirates in this anime?
8) Hinata
9) Shikamaru
10) The 4th Hokage.
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Posted 10/7/10
Woot! My bday is the 15th.

I'm already a premium member but this is a great promotion! Have fun guys!
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22 / M / Philippines
Posted 10/7/10
1. A strong Ninja
2. A person who never gives up
3.Like's to cause trouble
4. He's father is a Hokage
5. He has a tailed beast inside his body
6.He has cool mentors
7.A knuckle-headed ninja
8. A hyperactive person
9.He helped Pain have a change of heart
10.He has the power to befriend anyone
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22 / M / Philippines
Posted 10/7/10
Happy b-day Naruto! You are my Anime Star
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20 / F
Posted 10/7/10
Happy B-day Naruto!

Here are 10 things I love about you.

1. I love how you never gives up.
2. How you have a big appetite when it comes to ramen.
3. I love how you're obsessed with being a hokage someday :3
4. You make me laugh when you do the sexy jutsu.
5. I love how you can changed people around you with your determination. xP
6. How you put other people first before yourself. =P
7. I love how you leave a good impression on people you meet. =]
8. You always do the right thing for the people you're helping when you are given missions. Even if you have to breaks the rules. =)
9. How you have your own way of ninja.
10. I love how you can surprise me every time.
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Posted 10/7/10
1) He tries his best at everything
2) He never gives up, he perseveres
3) He teaches everyone around him life lessons and he doesn't even know it
4) He's a loyal friend.
5) He defeated Pain when no one else could.
6) Even with such an emotional past, he's still able to smile
7) He's able to change others around him (ie: Gaara, Pain, and Neji)
8) He has the will of fire. The want/need to protect the village (the town and people in it)
9) He has surpassed his father
10) He can do sexy no jutsu
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Posted 10/7/10
1. He a fool for life. That's consistency
2. When he makes Hinata faint, she is even more cute.
3. Harem Jutsu.
4. If you run out of room in your garage for your nine tailed fox, he will store it for you.
5. Unlike me he doesn't give up when he is only half way.
Posted 10/7/10
1) he is dependable
2) he is strong
3) has the nine tailed fox
4) has made many friends
5) he will save a friend no matter what
6) he is hilarious
7) he is always determined
8) he's very kind to everyone
9) he works hard to achieve something such as the Rasen Shuriken
10) he defeated the most powerful ninja ..PAIN
Posted 10/7/10
and HAPPY BIRTHDAY NARUTO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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25 / M / Not telling
Posted 10/7/10
Sweet deal michana!

Ten things I love about Naruto:
1. He keeps his promises. That's his ninja way.
2. How he came from a total loser to a village hero.
3. His perseverance when it comes to training. He doesn't want to stop training and he even trains privately.
4. He gives others nicknames, such as Bushy Brow and Pervy Sage (RIP). =(
5. He risked his life numerous times for his comrades.
6. He says "dattebayo" at the end of most of his sentences.
7. He is the ONLY one to have the Nine Tailed Fox sealed inside him. I love it when he starts using its power!
8. He defeated Pain like it was a piece of cake. It really shows how strong he has become.
9. He can always put a smile on my face.
10. How about his birthday is on 10/10/10? Happy birthday Naruto!
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Posted 10/7/10
1) He's the son of the yellow flash
2) He's the host of the kyubi.
3) He's badass
4) He doesn't give up on friends (though he probably should on one particular one)
5) He's cheerful even though he had a bad childhood
6) He's not completely emo like some other characters
7) He doesn't go back on his words
8) He never gives up
9) He likes ramen Hell ya!!
10) He's a ninja
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