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Celebrate Naruto's birthday with a free membership
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35 / M / California
Posted 10/7/10
I love Naruto because it has everything I could want in an Anime. It has real life lessons that not enough people seem to have learned. And it's very inspiring at times. It's the only show I've ever watched in it's genre that's brought tears to my eyes on multiple occasions. I find that I'm proud of characters in the show when they overcome adversity and that makes me so happy for them I cry. So many amazing moments in this series I won't even bother giving examples. If you love it, you know what I'm talking about. There are moments of such extreme coolness I find myself grinning like a 10 year old. (I'm 28) And I really fell in love with many of the characters. I was so destroyed by Jiraya's demise! (Even though I understand the necessity) He was one of my favorites and it sucks that he had to go. They could always bring him back and claim Pain did it with that last jutsu..... Just a thought??? Hahaha! Bottom line is I love this show and I don't want it to ever stop. Keep em comin guys!
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38 / M
Posted 10/7/10
10. HINATA~!

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26 / M
Posted 10/7/10
#1 Kick @ss
#2Very Funy
#3 Very kind
#4 Cool guy hang ouy
#5 he makes a lot of friends by trying even if he has the kuybi inside of him
#6 he has earned the villages respect, finally
#7 at first hes really dumb, but now hes smarter
#8 he never gave up his dream
#9 he learned a lot of new things during his training
#10 he defected pain
Posted 10/7/10
1. Hes just plain awesome!
2. Hes just plain cute!
3. Hes just plain awesome!
4. Hes just plain cute!
5. Hes just plain awesome!
6. Hes just plain cute!
7. Hes just plain awesome!
8. Hes just plain cute!
9. Hes just plain awesome!
10. Love his frog wallet! =D

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24 / M / Water
Posted 10/7/10
1. he never gives up
2. he can make friends with anyone
3. he always goes out of his way to help people much he cares for his friends
5. Strong Willed
6. he has the coolest justu
7. how no matter the odds he always comes out on top
8. he can do toad sage mode
9. his love for his village
10. he always gets into the coolest fights ever
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Posted 10/7/10
he's dumb but smart
he'shard working
he never gave up his dream
we both like ramen lol
good friend
he wont break promise
powerful ninja

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28 / M / El salvador
Posted 10/7/10 , edited 10/7/10
1. he has the will of fire
2.he never gives up
3.he Trains like a champion
4.he values his friends and will do anything to protect them
5.he sets his goals high and runs at them full speed
6. hes a overall nice guy
7.Great ninja that has saved the hidden leaf even when some of them criticized him
8.has unheard of stamina
9.he does not give up on you
10. he can do sexy jutsu

I allready have a premium membership. Happy B day Naruto
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20 / F / 闇のチェーン内の
Posted 10/7/10
awesome! his birthday are just like mine >3<
lols, cant wait for the present from naruto at sunday >D
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47 / M / California
Posted 10/7/10
I don't care much for Naruto, but I gotta give respect to someone with the same birthday as mine. Roman Pervert Club represent!!
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30 / Home
Posted 10/7/10
1. Having the Will of Fire
2. Willing to throw everything away for the sake of others
3. Values his friends more then anything
4. Strong character image
5. Independent
6. Always finding the light within the darkest of hearts
7. Determined
8. Having the guts to face your enemies head on
9."To never back down from a fight”
10. Having the power to have complete control the Kyuubi spirit. (With the help from Kushina of course)
Posted 10/8/10
1. He's so damn hot *o*
2. He's so strong like his father
3. Funny person but nice and kind
4. Whatever happen he would never give up
5. He never broke his promise
6. Always pretend to be strong even if the villagers so mean to him (at first time)
7. Love everyone in his village
8. Always keep trying until he can reach it
9. he's a hero for me
10. he's gonna be the #1 ninja and the next hokage xP
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28 / F / canada
Posted 10/8/10
1. he's friends with sasuke
2. sasuke
10. oh yea naruto's cool happy birthday !
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25 / M / Rokkenjima island
Posted 10/8/10 , edited 10/8/10
1. he is funny
2. he is awesome
3. he never gives up
4. he is konoha's hero
5. he is great at making friends
6. he has a great jutsu
7. he always cares for his friend
8. he will become a great hokage
9. he always cares for other people and protects them especially his friends
10.he is now the new yellow flash of konoha,just like his late father

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Posted 10/8/10
happy brithday naruto
1. that u give up
2. that u dont let wat other think about stop u
3. that ur drive has not change even thourgh u faced hardship
4. that u have a strong sense of friendship
5. ur honest
there are the top five things that make u Naruto the seven hokage
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27 / Under your bed ea...
Posted 10/8/10
1)Hes really funny
2)Hes cute
3)Hes clumsily cute
4)I love the way he fights
5)He perseveres to the end
6)He value his comrade's life
7)He is very selfless in missions of Life and Death
8)He is contagious(In a good way)
9)He never abandons his teammates
10)Lastly...He never backs down on his words,that is his ninja way!
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